Working Environmentally

Working Environmentally

Environmental Commitment
CoolGlass is committed to reducing its environmental foot print by constantly monitoring our processes. Our window films are proven to reduce energy usage so it is only natural if we are installing energy efficient products that we should also practice what we install. We try and encourage customers to upgrade their existing windows (if it’s economical to do so) rather than renewing and just condemning them to landfill.

Our premises have been upgraded with:

  • Rainwater Harvesting
  • Solar PV
  • LED Lighting with occupancy management
  • Increased loft insulation
  • Turning off equipment when not in use rather than using standby

On the Road
Fuel Efficient modern vehicles and smart routing to reduce mileage and emissions, the newer van has a much higher Euro emissions rating and features a diesel particulate filter. By avoiding super market fuel and the use of premium branded fuel with higher octane ratings and added detergents keeps the engine running at optimum for a clean as possible combustion burn.

The use of summer and winter tyres in the correct seasons to reduce rolling resistance and better longevity.  Nitrogen filling of tyres keeps the tyre inflated to the correct pressures longer.

We decided that renewing our main vehicle very 3 - 4 years allows us to enter city centre locations without falling foul of congestion or emission charges and keeps us in the most modern of engines. This allows us to keep fuel efficiency high whilst polluting less and our latest 2018 model has engine stop/start reducing consumption and noise pollution while in standing traffic.

The old LH with the new RH

Waste Management

  • Waste recycling of all paper and cardboard packaging.
  • Reusing old boxes again and again for use on jobs.
  • Up-cycling old film tubes and end caps used as fence planters.
  • Efficient smart pre-cutting of window films utilising all the product rather than wasteful onsite as you go cutting.
  • Using washable and reusable cloths for installing rather than disposable paper towels, which are now only used for removing layer of grime or dirt.
  • Using the waste protective film liner to create a refuse sack rather than using fresh bin bags on smaller jobs (using a waste item to create a waste carrier), see images below.

CoolGlass are constantly looking at ways to reduce waste and our impact on the environment and in 2018 we found more "up-cyclers"

What is better than recycling? Up-cycling! We have found several local businesses who can make use of most of our used packaging materials.

  • Product plastic & cardboard tubes and long blind boxes now go to a local plastics business who use them for mail orders of long thin plastic extrusions. Previously they had to cut extra plastic (more waste) to reinforce the plastic extrusions they were dispatching. Our tubes and old blind boxes are already rigid and give the protection required.
  • Bubble wrap now goes to a local embroidery business who reuses our used bubble wrap for their mail orders.
  • Window film boxes go to a local hobbyist and a CoolGlass customer who refurbishes golf clubs and sells them online.  He uses our boxes, which are no longer serviceable by us, for posting.

What goes down the drain

  • Using eco-detergents for washing installation cloths and towels

We are always looking at ways to minimise waste and reduce energy this process is always ongoing and never ending.