CoolGlass supply only or supply and fit all types of blinds for domestic homes and conservatories, retail, commerical , education, healthcare and many more including fire rated and anti-mould fabrics. We use U.K. blind manufacturers  nd use well know systems and the latest fabrics from Louvoulite, Eclipse, Decora, Sunwood, Uniview, Umbra and Phantom™  Screens.

We will guide you through benefits and pitfalls of each blind system to ensure you get the look you want to achieve but still are practical to operate and fit your everyday lifestyle perfectly. By visiting your home or office we can understand your wishes or issues immediately first hand while you choose the fabrics you like from our extensive fabric books.

All our blinds are fitted in accordance to child safety regulations for domestic, public and commerical premises where children could enter giving you the reassurance you have done everything to prevent any incidents. If you have old blinds systems and need advice we can carry out a site survey to ensure you are compliant.

For the latest regulations and guidelines the Make It Safe website has the all the up to date information you require.

Our fabric ranges are constantly being updated and feature anti-fungal and anti-bacterial fabrics as well as Fire Rated and even glow in the dark for the kids room. We have a ranges of anti-sun, anti glare and black out fabrics as well as the normal pastel and patterned fabric in various colours from well know brands mentioned above.

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See our range of blinds below:

Vision/Duo Blinds

The Duo or The Vision Range has to one of the most stylish and versatile blind systems available today. They give to look of shutters but without the dusting and the flexibility of a roller. Upgrade to electric operation for the ultimate party piece & functionality.

Roller Blinds

Roller blinds are probably our most popular blinds; available with battery and mains electric operation. Available with a range of cassette boxes with matching or contrasting  fabrics and bottom bar options means the humble roller has become stylish and very neat indeed.

Vertical Blinds

Verticals are the cost effective way to cover windows, wand operated for convenience and child safety with vanes availability in two width sizes and available with sewn in bottom weights to delete the bottom chains, various headrail colours and individually coloured vane options for that unique look.

Venetian Blinds

Venetians can give any window that designer look available in metal and wooden vanes which are available in 3 width and with optional ribbon tapes to hide the cords make them a very neat way to dress any window.

Visage Blinds

Visage blinds are a new system that operates like a roller but when it's near the bottom it becomes sheer allowing you to see through the blind creating a privacy screen. Available in a variety of colours and fabrics ensures you will find the look you want.

Perfect Fit Blinds

The seamless way of giving each pane its own individual framed blind. Working especially well on doors moving with them rather than flapping loosely like other blinds. Available in Pleated, Venetian and Roller and the pleated they can be mounted upside down to give a cafe style bottom up blind.

INTU Blinds

INTU blinds are very similar to the Perfect Fits blind system as they are individual to each pane but without the frame surround which gives a less bulky more streamlined look. Available in pleated and venetian means plenty of choice.

Pleated Blinds

Pleated blinds are a top down blind system with a massive fabric range available in single sided or silver lined hollow pocket for better winter heat insulation.

Panel Blinds

A great way of covering larger windows or using as a room divider. Available in natural looking fabrics as well as Faux Suedes and even woven wood look fabrics and with the ability to have a different fabric shade for each panel means you can create that designer look.

Printed Blinds

Welcome to the totally unique blind printed with your own image of choice. Full colour printing is available on the inside and outside surfaces or both sides. We can print onto Vertical, Roller and Panel blind systems giving you plenty of choices.

Electric Blinds

Over 70% of our customers upgrade to electric operation. With modern battery technology and efficient motors means charging is only required once or twice a year. Using Louvolite Lithium motors or the upgrade Somfy systems that can be linked to timer remote controls and the Tohoma home automations system and other 3 rd party systems as well.

Shaped Blinds

Shaped windows a require a bespoke solution and we can offer various solutions most being electric mains operated; available as retro fit but if you are thinking of building or installing a new shaped window call us before the building work starts so we an plan and integrate it into your design.


With a large range of fabrics to your complement curtains or on their own manually operated via unique child safe chain operated rail which doesn't require retaining to wall for an easier operation or electrically operated for further convenience. Romans are tight fitting great for stopping light bleed and can be fitted inside or outside the recess.