Electric Blinds

Electric Blinds

With continuous battery improvements we now sell as many if not more electric blinds than manually operated the convenience, the safety aspects and the constant cost reductions make it a very easy sell.

The very first electric blind we sold was to a gentleman who had just had a ground floor bedroom and wet-room extension because he was wheelchair bound and had limited movement. We were at the job by invitation of the builder to apply an etched privacy film to what was the old lounge window which now was looking into the wet room rather than the garden. After completing the job we asked the customer asked us about the bi-fold doors which was in the bed for privacy as they were over looked by the houses behind the property and we cut a long story short suppled them with a tinted film to give day time privacy and they said they had had a quote of vertical blinds for night time privacy and we then mentioned a better solution by using a battery operated roller blind which they loved and very quickly purchased. They managed to get 7 months of use before the battery needed a charge which is not bad considering the size of the blind and that every guest that came round got a demonstration. It gave the gentleman independence which wasn't offered by the manual blind system for which was very grateful for.

Whats the benefits of electric over manual?

  • Child safe no chains or cords (looks neater)
  • No hazardous leaning or stretching to reach cords
  • No difficulty in opening heavy blinds due to fabric weights
  • Makes inaccessible windows easy to have a functioning blind or curtain
  • No hardwiring, wall chasing, redecorating and electricians bills and you can take the motors with you if you move home or premises (battery operated systems)
  • Simulated home occupancy when used with timer remote controls or home automation systems
  • Works even in a power cut situations (battery operated systems)
  • Ideal for schools so the blind control is held with adults avoiding blind system damage from misuse and again child safe
  • Ideal for people with disabilities and elderly (great for those sink windows)
  • Can be linked to light & temperature sensors for building light, glare and heat management saving on unnecessary energy consumption
  • Can be self maintaining with solar charge packs (subject to suitability survey)

What blinds can be motorised?

  • Roller
  • Roller printed
  • Roller Visage
  • Roller Vision
  • Perfect fit Roller & Roller Vision (early 2019)
  • Horizontal roller (skylight/lanterns, hardwired only)
  • Wooden 50mm slat Venetian (tilt & lift)
  • Romans
  • EaziPleat
  • Verticals (early 2019)
  • Shaped (hardwired only)
  • Curtains (straight pole and bay windows)


Whats Systems do we use?

Primarily as Somfy dealers we recommend them first, they have been in the motorisation of blinds, door, awnings and gates for decades and are constantly increasing their range of motors, controls and sensors and now have their own home automation system called ToHoma and Connexoon which allow a truly smart system now being able to link with other systems such as Philips Hue lighting, Sonos, Honeywell to name a few and can also be linked to many more via the IFTTT app which allows different hubs to talk to each other.

For example if your Nest smoke alarm triggers your blinds and curtains can open to aid escape through windows, your lights can turn on and if fitted with colour change bulbs go red to aid passage through smoke, an email or text could be sent to a friend or relative to alert them, all your exterior lights can turn on and your driveway gate opens to allow your escape and entry for emergency services.

We also use Louvolite which are relatively new to the motorisation market of their own blind systems which are our entry level electric blind. Motorising a roller blind at the time of manufacture would cost approximately £120 inc vat for the first blind giving you a lithium motor, 5 channel remote control and a charger, the other 4 blinds for that 5 channel system after that would be £60 inc vat.

This is a massive subject with products being added all the time if you have an interest in motorising you blinds or home please get in touch so we can have a chat with you about your needs.

*Note there are size and weight limitations for motorised blinds but we will guide you through the best options for your application.


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