Perfect Fit Blinds

Perfect Fit Blinds

New for 2019 Perfect fit Vision rollers chain or battery motorised

Perfect Fit Blinds are available in Venetian,  Pleated standard, Pleated Cellular and Roller with a choice of frame finishes to match most UPVC window frames types you can tailor the blind to seamlessly fit to your windows.

The Venetian is available in metal or 25mm Sunwood slats, the rollers are available in wide range of our roller blind fabrics and the pleated range either standard or heat insulating cellular is plentiful.

Perfect fit clip to each individual pane of glass which has a some fantastic benefits such as being able to control the light or view out of each individual pane of glass. Perfect Fit can be fitted with window films already fitted with care to work in synergy to get the very best from your glazing but we would need to do a site visit to ensure the glass doesn't become venerable to thermal shock and fail as with another close fitting blind or soft furnishing.

The other main benefit is when it comes to doors the whole blind moves with the door without any "flapping" or any bottom fixing brackets which always seem break over time as the whole blind is housed within its own protective frame. The blind frame also eliminates any "line of sight" from the edges of the fabric too keeping things very private especially at night. All our Perfect Fit Blinds are "Tensioned" operation as a no cost option which is historically the most popular way to lift and lower them and can be stopped at any height with out the need of any cords or chains; this type of blind aren't best placed over sinks or where you would need to reach to the full extremity of the blind to open it fully unless you are considering venetian and only wish to tilt the vanes via the twist rod which can be made longer than standard to make it easier to reach.

Where Perfect Fit Blinds are ideal for doors, French doors, patio doors and the now common Bi-Fold doors for example, we can advise you of any operating issues with your application during our site visit.Other consideration which needs to be considered if your internal window frame colour for example is white and you have a white blind system and the exterior of the window frame is dark wood or grey for example the look from the exterior may be compromised as you can see the white blind very obviously against the dark frames but again we can advise and point out these cosmetic issues.

We have Skylight options but don't offer conservatory roof blind options, from customer feedback and our own knowledge a conservatory solar control window film is a far better performing and neater application without the pitfalls of dust and insect collection that overhead blinds collect.

We have several options for the Pleated Perfect Fit Blind in terms of operation options with standard top down, Bottom up or Café Blinds as they are sometimes called as well as top and bottom (Duo) closing making this them very versatile indeed.

Perfect fit is designed for many UPVC frame types and beading types and we have specialist measuring equipment to determine if your window systems are suitable for this versatile blind system.

Would a Perfect Fit Blind System be suitable for me?

*Please note the window frame must be square otherwise the blind will jam and/or snag in the frame; this effects Perfect Fit Roller Blinds the most*

Size Restrictions (Please note: different fabrics may have different size restrictions)

Metal Slat Venetians                                            Width                                         Drop

Perfect Fit Venetian Standard Control:    250mm Min - 1800mm Max       200mm Min - 2400mm Max

Perfect Fit Venetian Handed Controls:     350mm Min - 1800mm Max       200mm Min - 2400mm Max

Perfect Fit Tensioned Venetian:    200mm Min - 1400mm Max        200mm Min - 1900mm Max

Wooden Slat Venetians                                      Width                                          Drop

Perfect Fit Venetian:                        310mm Min - 1600mm Max       200mm Min - 2700mm Max

Perfect Fit Tensioned Venetian:    310mm Min - 1400mm Max       200mm Min - 1900mm Max

Pleated                                                                  Width                                           Drop

Perfect Fit Standard & Cellular:    150mm Min - 1400mm Max        150mm Min - 3000mm Max

Roller                                                                     Width                                           Drop

Chain Operation:                               250mm Min - 1200mm Max       400mm Min - 2000mm Max

Spring Operation:                             350mm Min - 1200mm Max       400mm Min - 2000mm Max

Motorised Operation:                      400mm Min - 1200mm Max       400mm Min - 2000mm Max

Vision Roller

Chain  Operation:                               250mm Min - 1200mm Max       400mm Min - 1500mm Max

Motorised Operation                         400mm Min - 1200mm Max       400mm Min - 1500mm Max

Window Bead Depth: Minimum 18mm - Maximum 38mm

Frame Colours:

  • White
  • Brown
  • Beige (room facing surface only)
  • Anthracite (dark grey)
  • Golden Oak
  • Mahogany
  • Anodised (grey)

Mounting Clip Colours:

  • White
  • Brown
  • Beige
  • Anthracite (dark grey)
  • Black (unpainted)

Mounting Clip Depth Options:

  • 18mm
  • 20mm
  • 22mm
  • 24mm
  • 30mm
  • 38mm


Perfect Fit Blind Brochure

To see the varied fabric ranges and blind options including black out contact us by calling 01673 818 157 or get in touch.