Pleated Blinds

Pleated Blinds

Pleated blinds available in Standard or Cellular (hollow) fabrics can be operated by chords to lower and raise and then tied up around a cleat to hold the blind up or tensioned. The cords and ribbon is best colour matched given the type of fabric used to keep the look in synergy. All the EaziPleat systems are Cellular fabrics for operational reasons.

We can offer standard free hanging or the tensioned blinds which don't have a separate cord to draw the blind and can be simply lowered and raised by the (no cost optional) handle attached to the bottom hem bar, this system is very neat and versatile and easy to use providing you can reach the full height of the window so over sink windows would be difficult to reach to the top of the window to open fully so consideration is needed in theses situations. Tensioned blinds have a cord running from the top to the bottom of the window and can have either a small fixed foot to hold down the running cords or can have a full width bottom hem bar.

The New EaziPleat System works in a very similar way to a roman blind head rail when chain or motorised but he soft rise literally let you raise and lower it via the hem bar stopping where you like without any operating chain or cords. Consider where you are fitting your blind and if you can operate your blinds for example a soft rise might not be the best option over a sink window because you need to be able to reach the hem bar so a chain or motorised would suit better.

Pleated blind are very close fitting when fitted into the window frame recess ideal if you are looking to reduce light bleed and create a blacked out environment.

There are several options for tensioned pleated blinds.

  • Top down
  • Bottom up
  • Floating (skylight only) - so it's one piece of fabric which has a hem bar top and bottom and can block out the the centre of the window leaving clear views above and below.
  • Duo or Top down and Bottom up (skylight only) - so this version has fabric and hem bars coming from the top and bottom and meeting in the middle to close.

Operating poles are available for skylights which are out of reach

We have Skylight options but from customer feedback and our own knowledge we don't offer conservatory roof blind options as conservatory solar control window film is a far better performing and neater application without the pitfalls of dust and insect collection that overhead blinds collect or the light gaps cause by the blinds, the glass coatings can fit any awkward shape without light gaps.

Would a Pleated Blind System for work me?

Size Restrictions:

                                                              Width                                         Drop

Freehanging:                   200mm Min - 1200mm Max      150mm Min - 2500mm Max

Tensioned :                      200mm Min - 1400mm Max       150mm Min - 3000mm Max

Skylight:                          200mm Min - 1400mm Max       150mm Min - 2500mm Max

EaziPleat Chain:           300mm Min - 3000 Max       200mm Min - 3000mm Max

EaziPleat Soft Rise:    300mm Min - 3000 Max       250mm Min - 3000mm Max

EaziPleat Motorised: 400mm Min - 3000 Max       250mm Min - 3000mm Max

Rail Colours Free hanging:

  • White
  • Brown

Rail  & Hem Bar Colours Tensioned:

  • White
  • Brown
  • Silver
  • Anthracite

Fixing options:

  • Top fix
  • Face fix
  • Face fix +40mm
  • Face fix +70mm

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