Printed Blinds

Printed Blinds

Welcome to a bright new world of totally Unique Products!

Using our service for digital printed made to measure Roller, Vertical & 25mm Venetian Blinds opens up a whole new world of possibilities and opportunities for both your domestic and commercial customers. Digital printing has been available for a number of years, it allows photographic images or original artwork to be printed on to fabrics. Using state-of-the-art equipment we can produce photographic quality printing that is beautiful and long lasting. From your artwork we can print directly on to Palette White, Black-Out PVC fabrics and 0150 Matt White Venetian Slat. The only limit to this exciting concept is the human imagination.

Roller Blinds

Roller Blinds can be finished in two different ways, the first being the image / logo printed on the fabric in a size and position to suit the customer. The second being a full image printed with a bleed built in so that when the fabric is cut to the finished size, the image is full to the fabric width. Blinds can be made with images facing inside or outside. Also blinds can be printed both sides with a different image or a repeat of the front image.

Vertical Blinds

With Vertical Blinds, using the latest computer software we take the image and slit it down in to the required vertical width. Then we build in a 12mm overlap into it so when the blind is tilted either slightly open or fully closed, there is full continuity with the image and the break lines are barely visible. This then turns and ordinary Vertical Blind in to an amazing focal point.

Panel Blinds

Printed panel blinds offer larger areas of uninterrupted fabric making printing of more detailed images better. The image is then split to suit the panel sizes specified then 50mm print overlap is added so when the blind is drawn fully closed it make the break lines barely visible and keeps the image continuity. These printed panel blinds makes large areas or glass or if used as room dividers a focal point of any room.


You can either take a photo with your digital camera, download it on to your computer then send it to our sales team via email. Or if you would like a certain photo i.e. The Sydney Opera House or The Manhattan Skyline, we recommend a photo library website called 123RF (www.123rf.com). On this site you will find thousands of photos taken by photographers from all over the world of every possible image. Just enter in a key word i.e. Yorkshire Dales and search through an array of fantastic photos that could personalise any room setting.

These images are available for you to buy online and download to your computer or we can do it for you as the image must be of at least 1 megabyte per sq mtr for a good quality print. The greater the megabytes the better the finished item. When choosing an image think about the size and shape of the window that it needs to fit i.e. is it going to be in a Portrait or Landscape format. If you require us to purchase the image for you, all we need is the image reference number and we can download it straight to our system, however this will add £60.00 in vat to the overall cost of the blind. If you require a proof before printing, these are charged at £24.00 in vat each.

We accept all formats of imagery, EPS - Tiff and Vector files. We can also scan your personal photos and still acheive good results, just post your photos to us in an unbendable envelope and we'll do the rest.

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