Roller Blinds

Roller Blinds

No longer just a couple of brackets, a tube and a chain; the roller blind has got sophisticated with several cassette box options in various colours and with the option to be fabric covered even fabric covered pelmets are available too. The bottom of the blind has various options with different types of bottom bars, shapes, scallops and decorative accessories.

Even the way they operate has evolved there's several chain options, spring tensioned pull down with slow rise, crank handle and electrically operated by mains or rechargeable battery; they even can have a solar panel to make them totally "off grid" and a sun sensor to close automatically.

Roller blinds have several advantages when they are open and fully retracted you get the full window allowing the most light possible in with no grouping of fabrics like other blind types. The other advantage over a sideways closing blinds is that you can lower the blind to a level required and still retain an uninterrupted view out under the blind and you also can retain full use of the window sill area when closed.

CoolGlass have domestic and commercial ranges of blind systems and fabrics giving you the right product for the right application and a blind that can last for decades without issue. Rollers with screen fabrics have become very popular in commercial (and now domestic also) applications now specified instead of the tractional verticals due to being a more durable system less likely to getting damaged or trapped in opening windows especially when fitted with optional side guides or guide wires. They reduce the suns annoyance but can maintain light and view making for a much more pleasant working and living environment.

If you are looking for a roller blind which can actually reduce heat and glare we have a range of specialist Solar Blinds which actually reflect heat effectively should Solar Control Window Films not be applicable. We have a ranges of roller fly screens ideal during summer months when ventilation is welcome but insects are not (a legal requirement in commercial food preparation areas).

Would a Roller Blind be suitable for me?

Size restrictions 

Domestic System

Standard Roller:

Maximum width 3500mm - Maximum Drop 3000mm

Minimum Width 200mm - Minimum Drop 150mm

Slowrise Roller:

Maximum width 2000mm - Maximum Drop 2000mm

Minimum Width 500mm - Minimum Drop 200mm

Commerical System : Maximum width 12,000mm - Maximum Drop 4000mm (Restrictions on fabric types and locations)

Operating Systems : Plastic Chains - Metal Chains - Crank Handle - Spring Loaded Slowrise - Battery and Mains Electric

Cassette Boxes Types :

Domestic : Open and closed types with and without fabric in various colours and sizes see brochure

Commerical : Various sizes depending on system used all closed standard in white but can be power-coated to  RAL colour

Other details : Numerous bottom hem bar options, various bottom shapes and scallops, various pull options

Want to see more how versatile roller blinds have become have a look at the Roller Blinds Brochure or contact us by calling 01673 818 157 or get in touch

School Games Room: With electric operation controlled and with the remote control held by adults meant that the children using this room couldn't operate and abuse the blinds plus with no hanging cords they are child safe too