Shaped Blinds

Shaped Blinds

Whether your building old or brand new or architecturally modern of design the common issue with any large expanse of glazing is too much light and that often brings annoying glare especially with either a rising or setting sun or the low winter sun. There could also be a privacy issue especially at night in bathroom or bedroom areas or you just want a living area to feel more cosy when the sun goes down. 

For shaped windows there are few off the shelf options that actually look neat and tasteful. Bespoke shaped blinds are either pleated or rollers but venetian and verticals are available but they don't offer the ability to retract and give you 100% of the window back as they have to gather and in the case of verticals on a gable they have to gather towards the centre point which is the centre of your view which kind of the whole point of a large gable window. 

The preferred shaped blinds are roller and/or pleated and electrically operated due to the tension that the high performance fabrics need to be at to remain taught and the difficulty to access the extremities of the glazing which is why if you are looking to build or renovate and incorporate a shaped window into the project you need to speak to us BEFORE you start building so we can discuss your options, get power points in place and quite often have recesses incorporated into the plaster work so the blind emerges and is hidden when not being used. 

Sadly from our experience building designers and architects don't seem to make provisions for the sort of day to day issues or the tasks you may want to do in room with shaped large expanses of glass which could be as simple as being able to see a television screen, read or in work areas stand at your kitchen counter without being blinded. If you are dealing with an existing window we can hide the working of the blind in colour coded boxes to make the blinds less obvious.  

If you have a shaped window causing you issues and want to know what options are available contact us by calling 01673 818 157 or get in touch.