Venetian Blinds

Venetian Blinds

Our Venetians blinds are available in metal or wood and in 25mm, 35mm and 50mm slat widths. With two wooden types Sunwood Wooden and Sunwood Fauxwood which is plastic effect wood in gloss and matt finishes. The metal slated Venetians have numerous options including chromes, gloss, matt and metallics in various shades and colours including patterned and perforated with the option to alternate slate colours and even print a logo or image on to them.

The 50mm wooden Venetian blind can also have optional tapes to hide the ladder strings in numerous colour options and the 50mm slat Venetian blinds can also have options electric tilt adjustment via a battery operated motor which can be linked to various control options from a basic remote control or timer remote control or the Somfy ToHoma home automation system which we supply as well as other 3 rd party professional integrated home automation systems.

Venetian blinds allow you to control the privacy and direct light in any horizontal plane and when raised allows full assess to window sill space operated via a pull cord and child safe cleats to wrap the draw string away from young children.

Will a Venetian blind system work for me?

Size Restrictions:

Metal Slat Venetian Blinds

                                          Width                                                                    Drop

25mm: 250mm Minimum - 3000mm Maximum         150mm Minimum - 3000mm Maximum

Fauxwood Venetian Blinds

290mm Minimum - 2400mm Maximum         150mm Minimum - 3000mm Maximum

Sunwood Venetian Blinds

290mm Minimum - 2400mm Maximum         150mm Minimum - 2700mm Maximum

Control Options:

Standard Manual - R/H Cord Raise Lower L/H Cord Tilt (reverse standard available as a no cost option with a minimum width restriction of 450mm otherwise one sided controls)

Upgrade Motorised - For 50mm wooden blinds only, Powered Raise Lower and Power tilt via battery operated motor and remote control remote control options from 1 channel up to 16 channels with up to 8 blinds per channel or home automation ToHoma system for more versatility (not available with slat tapes) Sunwood-Motorised-Brochure

Sunwood Wooden Slats Herringbone Tape Options:

19mm tapes available for 25mm slat

25mm tapes available for 35mm slat

25mm & 38mm tapes available for 50mm slat

Sunwood Wooden Slats Flatweave Tape Options:

38mm tapes available for 50mm slat

Sunwood Headrail Sizes

25/35mm Headrail size 42mm x 42mm

50mm Headrail size 42mm x 59mm

Extension and swivel face brackets available

Attached Double and Single Pelmet returns available for fitting outside window recesses

Child Safety (Sunwood Venetians)

Minimum Installation height 1925mm

Minimum Cord Length 250mm


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