Visage Blinds

Visage Blinds

Visage is probably best described as a Roller - Venetian Hybrid. The Visage Roller Blind system is operated like a normal roller blind using a side-winder/chain or electrically but it has horizontal vanes held by a the front fabric drop and a second drop of fabric which are both shear or screen fabric so you can see through them. It gives the appearance of a Venetian but without all the strings and the slats which need dusting and can get tangled. The Visage can be lowered and raised just like a roller blind and when it is partially down AND fully down it is in privacy mode or black out if that type of Fabric is specified but when is opened a fraction from the fully lowered position something unique happens and the slats sit flat so you can see though the blind.

Available in an constantly increasing fabric range and mounted in a the new 70mm cassette box in Black, White or Anthracite with or without matching fabric the facia and also a matching hem bar. It also comes with a continuous metal chain as standard with Child Safe chain retainers to ensure no little ones get caught up. 

To see more about how the Visage Blind system works take a look at the Visage Brochure.*

*Please note the Visage is not available in the 40mm Cassette system as described in the brochure only the 70mm. 

Will the Visage Blinds System Work for me?

Size Restrictions:

Minimum Width 300mm - Maximum Width 2400mm

Minimum Drop 200mm - Maximum Drop 4000mm*

*Depending on fabric chosen


Continuous Metal Chain LH or RH

Electric Battery or Hardwired 


Plain or Matching Fabric Insert in Cassette Facia


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