Printed Window Film

With the improvements of printing techniques and it is now possible to print on most flat substrates and window film is no exception. What window film brings is a very sharp print definition with crisp clean graphics and edges. Before when applying a graphic to a shop window for example you would position the graphic centrally for arguments sake leaving the graphic edges slightly raised which over time with cleaning make the edges curl and any clear unprinted parts of that design leaving unprinted vinyl would be clear but not optically clear. When printing on clear or a light solar control tinted film if you want to add some heat reduction into the application too the design is printed centrally in the film and the film is fitted to the glazing frame so all of the glass is covered leaving no edges in the middle of the glass making it look like the design has actually been printed directly onto the glass pane itself. I have already mentioned using a solar control tinted film for heat reduction but by using a safety/security film you can make non compliant glass safe and rated to required standards without the need to replace the glass itself or increase your frontline security and add branding all in one application.

Overview of the benefits when printing on window films

  • Crisp sharp definition
  • Unprinted areas optically clear
  • Frame edge to edge application making it look like the glass is directly printed
  • Increased security
  • Increased glass safety
  • Fade control blocking 99% of UVA & UVB (this will also protect occupants from UV skin damage)
  • Options to add heat reduction to further protect window displays and make building interiors more comfortable


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