Vinyl Graphics

Vinyl graphics have been around for decades as a fast way of getting branding onto a host of substrates and off again. The traditional sign writing is now a dying skill and as amazing as it is when it comes to removal it can mean a repaint and on vehicles that cost thousands of pounds which can decrease the resale value and if your leasing or renting your vehicle not even allowed. The colour of the vinyl whether it's pre-coloured for computer plot-cut individual lettering or printed isn't the only difference. Depending on what and where the vinyl is to be applied depends on they type of vinyl, don't be mislead by a cheap price because it often means a basic vinyl designed for a short life on a totally flat surface rather than a vinyl which is going to see the course and designed to adhere to simple or complex curves like you will find on a vehicle bodywork for example without shrink back or cracking.

At CoolGlass we pride ourselves on using a minimum life vinyl of 5 -7 years where possible but we have applications which have lasted +10 years without issue because of that. The range of vinyls available now are hard to keep up with especially with the invention of wrap with flip colours, furry textured and even glitters you can be as wild as your imagination or budget allows.

Read the feature article about our vinyl graphic embossed wrap on our now previous van which took 3 days to achieve Feature Article On CoolGlass Van

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Reverse Printed Window Graphic

Window Graphics at Clothes Shop

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