Displays Systems

Window displays have been around decades even the cable and rod systems that CoolGlass can supply but was you aware that studies show that 107% of high street sales are made on impulse and studies by POPAI (Point of Purchase and Advertising Institute) have shown that displays with motion can increase sales by up to 317%  and by adding lighting or illuminated displays it can increase sales by up to 107% that's doubling sales. Making your display stand out from the crowd and be easy to maintain are also key factors and when using it with some of the other branding products available from CoolGlass you can make a package which works holistically with everything else, we can even suggest ways of addressing a low sun blinding staff or stopping the window area over heating and products melting and fading in the displays.

Make your shop look professional do NOT stick things on your window with sticky tapes or Blue-Tac it looks tacky and amateurish by keeping your design clean and simple and using the correct poster displays will ensure your message isn't confusing and easy to read or attract interest and makes your business image one of efficiency and professionalism.

Making the display work when inside, it's a bit useless if you've got the customer through the door and then they are looking at the back of a display with nothing for them to look at or purchase.

These are just a few tips of how to make your displays work if you have a new venture ask about our start up packages where we can address your window displays, graphics, signage, glass safety/security and solar control even your window branded blinds by looking at everything as one rather than dealing with different trades all completing for the same space with no joined up thinking which can be costly in unforeseen mistakes.

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