Roman Blinds have been around for years but are a fantastic way to complement dress curtains or on their own. They are a softer look than say a Roller or Venetian blind giving a more luxurious feel to any room. Whether fitted inside or outside the window recess because of their narrow rail and the fabrics reaching the end of the rail means that they are ver effective against light bleed and can help insulate against those annoying winter draughts.

Our Roman blinds are a continuous chain operation and with out unique child safe rail the chain doesn't need to be retained to the wall which make operating the blind much easier especially went blind is fitted inside the recess. As you lower the blind the blind covers the operating chain making it very difficult to use our system allow the chain to be pulled towards the user at the side of the fabric because the chain detaches from the rail should a child become tangled avoid accidents and then simply reattached without any tools. For the ultimate practicality our Roman Blinds can be motorised were via batteries or mains hard wired and can be linked to home automation systems to lower before you get home or if your away on holiday. With Batteries lasting several months between charges and if the window faces south an optional solar panel can charge it up giving it maintenance free operation.

Would a Roman Blind work for me?

Size Restrictions for Manually Operated :

  • Minimum Width 400mm - Minimum Drop 300mm
  • Maximum Width 2400mm - Maximum Drop 2400mm

Size Restrictions for Electrically Operated :

  • Minimum Width 450mm - Minimum Drop 500mm
  • Maximum Width 2000mm - Maximum Drop 2000mm

We offer five lining types:

  • Blackout
  • FR Standard (Fire Resistant)
  • FR Blackout
  • Interlining
  • Fused Interlining
  • Fused Blackout

Metal Chain Options:

  • Silver Metal
  • Brass


  • Chain Manual
  • Battery Electric
  • Mains Electric

To view our ever expanding range of fabric options contact us by calling 01673 818 157 or get in touch.