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Film Blinds

Elite, professional glare reduction

An expert solution

Used widely on airport control towers and ships' bridges.


Cuts out UV without compromising sight.

Up to 92% light reduction

Reduce light transfer through your windows to almost zero without losing quality of sight.

Reduce glare, not clarity

This high-grade solution reduces glare while keeping vision clear.

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Professional glare reduction

Film blinds, like those we offer, are often seen in airport control towers or ship wheel houses where an optically clear view is required at all times. The aim is to eliminate glare, usually from a low sun. However, the blinds can be raised fully when not needed at night or in other low-light situations.

Window Blinds Control Tower
Film Solar Blinds - Ship | CoolGlass Glazing Enhancements

Specified to your needs

Film blinds can be chain, crank-handle or motor operated depending on your requirements and can be fitted in a header box, which can match any colour preference.

However serious your problem, we have the right blind

We can offer films that reduce visible light transmission to just 8% all the way up to clear UV-blockers for fade control. 

Up to 1520mm can be covered horizontally without joins, with a maximum drop of 4000mm.

Window Blinds Control Tower

“We recently moved in to offices ... heated by electricity and have windows that face the sun all day. Mark came to see us regarding heat retention and glare reduction. He offered advice and products that met our needs. Professionally and courteously fitted.”

– Laurence Childs, Jalapeno Business Services, East Bridgeford

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