Film Solar Blinds

Film Solar Blinds

These blinds are mainly seen in airport control towers or ship wheel houses where an optically clear view is needed at all times during glare situations usually from a low sun but can be raised fully when not needed say at night or other low light situations.  These blinds are also normally specified with either guide channels or guide wires for a couple of reasons, firstly the windows are normally angled out wards at the top to give a natural shade and reduce glass reflectance and secondly to stop air movement from cooling fans, heaters and air conditioning from making the blinds flap.

The blinds can be chain, crank handle or motor operated depending on the requirements and can be fitted in a header box which can be powder coated to match any colour reference.

We can offer films with a visible light transmission from 8% all the way up to a clear UV for fade control. Depending on which blind system is suitable the maximum width without joins (which are very visible to be completely honest) is 1520mm with a maximum drop of 4000mm.

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