Foil Solar Blinds

Foil Solar Blinds

This blind material is made from metal based polyester which has a highly reflective silver exterior but comes in a range of colours and shades on the interior to cater for most tastes and uses. It offers high solar rejection and is semi transparent so does offer a view out. It can be chosen in pleated or flat and is available in roller and vertical. This blind is great for where maximum heat reflection is required but where night time privacy is not required so these blinds are ideal to assist existing curtains or blinds on the hotter days but can retracted on the cloudy ones to allow maximum light to enter the room.

Advantages of Foil Solar Blinds

  • Next best thing to solar control window films for glare, heat and fade reduction
  • Out performs fabric SPC coated (sun protection coated blinds *source from customer feedback)
  • Flexible use allowing light to enter on darker days compared to fixed applications
  • Still allows some views out
  • Different colours and strengths

Disadvantages or limitations

  • They are functional rather than pretty
  • Can suffer from internal reflectivity or shininess from other internal light sources
  • Not as optically clear as window film
  • Only offers protection when used and reliant on others to use them unlike fixed products which work 24/7


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