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Solar Blinds

High-performance blinds previously unavailable to the public and typically only used in large commercial projects. Brought to you by CoolGlass.

Leading sun protection

Provides better protection than leading competitors' solutions while retaining transparency.* Other solar blinds for domestic markets (often called SPC solar protective coating) only have a slight sparkle of reflectiveness, unlike our high-performance commercial grade fabrics.

Efficient and dynamic

Solar blinds are one of the most effective solar solutions and they look great. They give you flexible heat management blocking heat in the summer but can be raised fully or partially to allow free heat gain in cooler months.

*Based on customer feedback​

Get a clear view without letting the sun in

This attractive and functional solution keeps the sun out without compromising views. By using a 3% openness, this fabric is also ideal as an anti-glare blind from low sun or reflections off other buildings or objects.

A range of fabric and hem bar colour options

Pick the perfect solution to your sun problem in a shade that suits your space. With 8 fabric shades, 4 hem bar colours and the optional cassette boxes in standard white or coloured you will find the perfect combination and match to suit your home for office.

Blind concealment option

Make your solar blinds disappear for a totally invisible look by adding an optional cassette box available in any RAL colour to blend into any paint scheme or frame.

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Attractive and functional

Flexible heat management in your control. Our solar blinds are made from high quality fire rated fabric, which has a highly reflective silver exterior. They come in a range of colours and shades on the interior to cater for all tastes and uses.

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blind colour options

Get a clear view and keep the glare out

Reflect the sun without compromising your view. This roller blind is great for situations when maximum heat reflection is required but transparency is still needed. These blinds are ideal to assist existing curtains or blinds.

“They are great! Making all the difference and good looking as well! Thank you for really great customer service and follow up! Such a rarity nowadays ”

– Serena, London

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