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Solar Paint

The most cost-effective way to cool your building

Cool your building inexpensively

Solar paint is ideal for reducing heat build up with easy application and a long lifespan. Also suitable as a polycarbonate roof paint.

Durable and flexible

Solar paint is a durable, flexible solution for industrial and commercial working environments.

Safely reduce glare and UV

Liquisol solar paint can reduce glare by up to 80% and UV by up to 90%, making spaces safe and comfortable to live and work in.

Bulk Discounts

Wondering where to buy Liquisol solar paint? CoolGlass have kept the price low for several years with additional bulk reductions.

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£225.00 for 5 litres inc. VAT - Bulk reductions


Apply this high-performance solar paint  to any glass, polycarbonate, bitumen or plastic to control the sun’s heat and glare. Solar reflective paint for glass is ideal for large areas of uneven panels and unifies the exterior of any glass roof with a uniform white appearance, reducing solar energy by up to 85%, glare by up to 80% and UV rays by up to 90%.

Solar Paint Installation
Liquisol Solar Paint - Reflective | CoolGlass Glazing Enhancements

A great value solution

For large orders, contact us for the best price. We recommend purchasing a single tin initially to ensure the surface is compatible Unfortunately with this being a specialist product we can’t offer sample pots.

£225.00 for 5 litres inc. VAT 

Rapid, UK mainland delivery

CoolGlass can send Liquisol solar reflective paint anywhere on the UK mainland or deliver locally. Please allow at least three working days for deliveries. Be sure to check availability.

solar paint

Professional quality from CoolGlass

Liquisol is a professional industrial-grade paint, not a typical DIY product found at the local stores. 

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PRICE HOLD - £225.00 for 5 litres inc. VAT - Bulk reductions

Solar Paint FAQ

Where can the Solar Window Paint be used?

It can be used as a conservatory shading paint, as a reflective skylight paint or on factories where budgets are tight or it would be impractical to install a solar reflective window film or blind.

Will it retain heat in the winter?

It may retain an undetectably small amount of heat by reflecting it back in.

How is the Solar Window Paint applied?

After cleaning the surface thoroughly, ensure it is free from rust, moisture, oil or any other surface contamination. The solar paint is applied by brush, roller or sprayer.

NOTE: The surface must be completely dry and free from any cleaning residue, otherwise the paint might not adhere correctly to the substrate and may prematurely fail.

Is this a DIY or professional-application product?

This is a professional-grade paint, but it is appropriate for DIY. It’s as simple as using any other solvent-based paint. However, we recommend you take care when using any substances. 

Read the safety instructions and take professional advice before crawling on top of any roof structures. If using internally, ensure the space is well ventilated or use the appropriate breathing equipment.

What colours does the Solar Window Paint come in?
The paint is available in a white finish only.
When is the best time to apply Liquisol Solar Window Paint?

The ideal conditions to apply Liquisol Solar Window Paint is in dry, calm weather avoiding direct sunlight and with no rain forecast for at least 1 hour after application.

What is the coverage?

The paint will cover nine to ten square metres per litre. A 35-micron primer coat should be thinned with white spirits by up to 25%. For maximum efficiency, two topcoats should be applied after the primer coat is cured.

How long will the paint last?

Depending on the roof type and how much sun and weathering it receives, Liquisol can be affective and presentable for about 10 years.

More information

For more information about application and safety, please click links below:

> Solar Paint Information Sheet

> Solar Paint Safety Data Sheet 2017

> Solar Varnish Technical Data Sheet 2017

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 £225.00 for 5 litres inc. VAT - Bulk reductions

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