Quite often you may have a problem and aren't quite sure what you need to solve that annoyance, well that's what our vast experience is here for. We guide you too the best solution or solutions for the problems you're experiencing caused by your windows.

One product can't always solve all the issues or isn't best placed to solve the issue. An example is winter glare from the low sun a very dark window film would solve that issue but would make the room far to dark so an anti-glare blind is better as it allows flexibility according to light levels. If you have overheating issues the anti-glare blind won't address that issue because it only a blind to deal with glare so a window film or a solar reflective foil blind is required.

CoolGlass has listened to our customers for over a decade who are actually the best source of information about what products give the best and little or no results. Our biggest example is conservatory roof blinds, after listening to our customers CoolGlass don't offer roof blinds for conservatories because from numerous comments from customers the negatives far our weigh any benefits. Most of our customers who have purchased conservatory roof blinds have told us that they wouldn't go down that route again, unfortunately we have removed thousands of pounds worth of unsuccessful roof blinds in favour of solar control glass coatings which out perform roof blinds and have little or no negatives by comparison.

That is just one example of how we guide customers find the best solution for you by using feedback from existing customers.

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Unusable Conservatories

In 2017 95% of the conservatories we worked on and made usable were less than 12 months old and had the latest solar glass roofs. CoolGlass will give you an unbiased honest answer to making your new or old conservatory or orangery usable.

Heat Reduction

Modern glass is getting better at reflecting heat but buildings still over heat due to large areas of glazing. We offer internal and external coatings for glass and polycarbonates as well as a solar paint and blinds.

Winter Heat Retention

Our Low E winter heat retaining window films are a great way of making older double glazing and single glazing more energy efficient and the space immediately more comfortable to be in. The products also block harmful UV and can reduce heat and glare as added benefits which most current low E glass still doesn't.

Fade Reduction

Furnishings can be expensive and you've worked hard to buy them and is a cost to businesses if they prematurely fade and look unsightly especially window displays as the products might become unsellable. Our clear glass coating blocks 99% of UV which is 40% of the cause of fading and this figure can be increased by adding heat and visible light reduction into the mix.

Glare Reduction

The summer sun and the winter sun are two very different beasts and need to be dealt with differently. CoolGlass offers more than one type of solution for this issue and have lots of experience of dealing with it.


Imagine sitting in a room during the day and being able to see out clearly but people can't see in, if that's something that's valuable to you we are experts of dealing with privacy and have massive range of products to cope with any type of privacy issue.

Safety And Security

It doesn't matter how good your hinges or locks are if your glass is easy to smash and penetrate. Retro fit safety/security glass coatings clear or tinted increase glass break strength and create a weather tight safety net for your existing glass should it break; available in different thicknesses and shades.

Skin Protection

Most types of glass does not block all harmful UV light so if you are spending periods of time at home or at work you could be putting your skin at risk from premature ageing and even worse cancers. CoolGlass have filters for blocking UV and visible light for many different types of skin conditions whilst retaining a completely clear view out.

Electromagnetic Interference

In todays modern world we are constantly being bombarded by radio waves and electromagnetic fields and for some people it causes negative effects such as headache or migraine especially if you are close to radio or mobile phone masts or over head power lines. We have a glass coating with a high metal content which can reduce these negative effects.


Caused by temperature differences between the air and surface we have a specialist coating which can reduce or even possibly stop condensation from forming on glass surfaces.