Electromagnetic Interference

Electromagnetic Interference

This can effect people and equipment in various ways and can reveal themselves as headaches or brain fog and can be disruptive for sensitive electronic equipment.

Electric and magnetic energy emitted by many electronic devices may interfere with the function of other electronic devices. The majority of electromagnetic interference (EMI) problems originate in the radio frequency (RF) bandwidth of the spectrum from 30 KHz to 10GHz.

EMI and/or RF shielding is required, in many instances, for the following reasons:

1. To exclude unwanted EM or RF signals.

2. To contain unwanted EM or RF signals that may interfere with neighbouring electronic devices, such as computers and cordless communication devices.

3. To prevent the unauthorized interception of microwave and radio signals.

Many solar control window films are manufactured from the application of various metals onto a film surface. These metals provide the solar energy and visible light rejection desired of these products. In addition to solar and light energy rejection, the communication and/or radio frequencies of the electromagnetic spectrum are also reduced or attenuated.

Our Solar Gard LX70 had proven to be an effective product in reducing the strength of these signal frequencies being transmitted through glass due to the high content of metallics.

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