Fade Reduction

Fade Reduction

Carpets, curtains, tables, chairs, pictures and photographs cost money to purchase and often are cherished possessions which are being damaged by the natural light and heat which passes through most glazing types.

Behind closed blinds or curtains! Is this how you live and work? Because you really don’t have to!

Window films offer maximum protection whilst being virtually invisible and where specified will not alter the appearance of your home which is a must in hertiage or conservation areas. The obvious benefit of a window film over a traditional window covering is that it protects 24/7 meaning you never have to return early to close the blinds from that day out and you retain a view of the outside through your windows even on the sunniest of days.

Window films cover 100% of the glazing stopping damage before it enters a room. For example blinds can cause “tan lines” on wall paper in front of them and we have experienced customer who ended up with striped carpets after vertical blinds bleed light through the gaps between vanes.

What I say is "after window film has been fitted live in the room as you want to live don't live behind a closed blinds but if you are going out for the day and you want to protect things valuable and you now it's going to be sunny day close your black out blinds"

The film can also in fact protect the very blind you initially installed to reduce furniture damage.

If you want maximum protection because window films make a noticeable positive difference to fading but a black out blind being closed is going to offer another layer of protection. We can offer a range of black out fabrics and blind systems which are battery or hardwired motorised linked to sun sensors which can close automatically and even give you the control to operate them when you're away from your property using our home automation systems .


What causes fading?

  • UV Radiation 40%
  • Visible light 25%
  • Heat (infrared) 25%
  • Other factors* 10%

* artificial lighting, humidity, poor dye anchorage


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Living with the blinds closed on a bright sunny day makes your home dark and depressing.

Quite often people install roller or vertical blinds in the window recess to control fading but there is an area between a blind and the window that is unprotected. A window film would of either reduced this considerably or prevented this damage completely.

Retail and Commercial

Shops windows are the displays which makes the customer enter your shop and purchase. If that display is looking damaged or is costing you a lot of time and money having to rotate the display. CoolGlass have a high performance product which is virtually optically clear that will not only cut out 99% of damaging UV but also close to 50% of the heat when applied onto single glazing and close to 35% when fitted onto double glazing.

Damage to furnishings to business isn’t only unsightly its a real unwelcome business expense. this Lincoln Hotel was suffering from premature bleaching of carpets and bed spreads.

This south facing hotel in the heart of the city of Lincoln offers Cathedral Views and they wanted to retain those view while protecting their fixture and fittings.

This hotel rooms Cathedral views were unspoiled after the fitment of a window film offering around 50% reduction in damage effectively doubling the life of the furnishings.

The LX70 is Solargards flagship film when is comes to invisibility and the best performance. With a 16 year warranty when installed by an Approved Solargard dealer it will give lasting protection for decades.

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Below our ultra high performance film being fitted her to protect against damage to art work at this Arts Centre.

Examples of sun damage.

LX70 Glass coatings being installed to offer maximum heat reduction while allowing in maximum light. It has a tint about the same as your car windscreen while is barely noticeable.

LX70 again was installed her to protect the fine art in this Stamford Gallery.

The level of protection and the desired appearance can be tailored to your needs (subject to glass compatibility) giving you a pallet of choice ranging from completely clear to heavily tinted. Arrange a consultation now to discuss how you can start protection you office, home, business or shop displays today.

Sun damage to chairs after a few years sat in a conservatory which had roof and window blinds offered little protection. this conservatory was installed with window films and removed the blinds.

Sun damage to wooden flooring near a north facing window set in this Winteringham home. A new section has been fitted after a new door set was installed and the old threshold removed and the darker patch is where the door mat was placed.

This customer in a house in the village of Branston (near Lincoln) had only planned to get new furniture but soon realised the new furniture isn’t going to match the floor damage so a new carpet was now required too. A covering of film to the windows not only reduced the UV but also the damaging heat and annoying glare at the same time.

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