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Heat Reduction

Cooling down your home or workplace raises quality of life and productivity

The solution: Films, blinds, paint or a mix for your situation

Get the perfect solution for your particular heat problem expertly picked and designed for you.

The problem

Excessive heat entering a room through glazing can make living and working conditions uncomfortable and often impossible for you and your family or colleagues even in the winter months. This can cause unhappiness and unproductivity.

A modern problem?

Glazing in the UK is often designed to retain heat on cold days by allowing it to enter but not leave, particularly in newer houses. This makes windows a terrible heat magnet on warm days, making rooms uncomfortable and even putting them out of service for periods of the year. 

Modern design trends like large panes of sheet glass and ever-more-expansive conservatories only make this problem worse. Fortunately, CoolGlass is here to help you enjoy your environment without giving up on these indisputably cool features.

The main solution: Window films

For most homes and many offices, solar glass coatings like film are the best solution. They reduce heat by over 80% in some cases, making rooms liveable again and changing your home life while conserving your view, all with easy installation.

Blind and films
The best solution for you

Think of us as doctors or consultants for your overheated building. We come and diagnose exactly what is wrong, even if you're not sure exactly why your building is so hot. Then, we have a range of cures and solutions, each one slightly different from the other. We prescribe the best one for you, which could be any one of our range of internal or external films and blinds, solar blinds, external shading and solar paint. Our focus is on the right solution for your building.

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