Heat Reduction

Heat Reduction

CoolGlass have a wide range of solar control products to reduce heat build up in your building whether it’s your home, office, shop or conservatory.

We primarily use solar control glass coatings but solar blinds and solar paint have their place, we are ideally placed and have years of knowledge to advise you which product would be best for you.

Excessive heat entering a room through glazing can make living and working conditions uncomfortable even impossible for you, your family, your staff and even your pets making sitting in a overheated room uninviting and unproductive

Heat reflecting window films are be applied to your existing glass windows internally or externally dramatically reduce the solar effects from the sun with achieving up to 81% reduction in heat passing through the glass. We have various shades and colours of films to taylor to your needs and tastes allowing natural daylight into you home or business but controlling radiant solar energy from overheating your living or working environment. We will help and guide you to find the best product for your needs.

The glazing in the UK particularly since around 2007 has been prioritised for retaining heat during colder times.  Traditionally the UK is a cold country when compared to countries such as Australia which use window film a lot as a way to control solar heat gain. Our glazing here in the UK now with Low E (low Emissivity) coatings often referred to as K glass allows infrared heat energy to enter the building and then reflects convected heat back into the room. By allowing the free heat from the sun to enter but stop that free heat from migrating back out. This is great in the winter but during the summer months or even winter months with heating systems which are slow to control such as under floor heating. This only makes a bad situation worse especially area with large expanses of glass such as conservatories.

The lack of understand by building designers has made this worse with current trends of large expanses of glass and not providing any natural shade from the high summer sun using roof over hangs or solar shades. Things do seem to be changing slowly but there are a lot of existing buildings out there overheating and sometimes when things are done correctly in the design they sometimes are still not enough. Air conditioning if specified correctly to handle the gains works very well but there are financial and environmental costs where window film in comparison being completely passive. Studies and research has found in some cases earth positive carbon negative meaning they save more energy and CO2 that used to produce it should all ways be you 1st step in the solution; great if you are looking to gain or retain ISO14001.  Tradition and the lack of awareness of window film tend to make people look at blinds as their 1st point of purchase but they will only stop the "burn" as someone recently described it but the room still warms up to an uncomfortable level and because the heat has already entered the building before an internal shade then tries to deal with it. Then with the more modern the glass this effect it reduced even further to a point where there is little effect in some cases.

This also applies to our internally fitted window films we are more often than not where heat reduction is the main focus especially when customers don't want to lose significant amounts of ambient light exterior films are being specified more and more because they are dealing with the heat before the glazing is counteracting it. Our most powerful product can offer up to 81% of solar heat gain reduction  but even our lightest product which has a tint lighter than a car windscreen can still offer 40% solar heat gain reduction on double glazing which is very noticeable for an occupant in that building. This product offers no glare reduction so a blind or similar would be need to address that but you are using each product which are very good at their own jobs rather than trying to get a one product fix all which most people try and do and fail.

Once we determine what your glass type is either by you still retaining original paperwork or via our on site survey and our glass test equipment we can guide you to the best product or products.Then from our extensive array of products to get you the most rounded solution which works not only when you need it the most but so you don't have a downside when you don't need it.

Sometimes window films aren't going to be the correct product so we can look at other our products or some kind of external blind or shade.

If we currently don't supply what is going to be the best solution I promise you we will not be doing business but pointing you to a company which can.

“We are delighted with the look of the conservatory now that the film has been installed it looks so much bigger and more stylish than with the old roof blinds. Although the film was fitted in the winter months and we have only had a few really warm days since, we were impressed with the lack of glare and the reduction of heat in the conservatory, our friends all like it too. Thanks Mark for doing such a good job.”
Mr & Mrs King, Boston

If your conservatory is too hot to use when the sun is shining you can find more information how to make it more usable here.

Things to look out for when inviting someone to look at reducing your room temperatures. They should be asking:

  • how you use the room and when the situation is worst, the time of the day, which season etc.
  • about your glass or testing it
  • is this space always going to be used like this because what is right for an office might not be good right as a bedroom or home gym for example
  • do you have any other issues apart from over heating such as glare, fading etc.
  • do issues caused by this room migrate to other rooms
  • are your existing window dressings such as blinds or curtains staying
  • are you considering changing the glazing in the next 5 to 10 years
  • are you going to be installing air conditioning
  • does this room have under floor heating
  • is this a conservation area or a listed building, and is appearance or kerb appeal a factor to be considered
  • are the trees or that neighbouring building staying because they can be providing some shade or reflecting the sun off their windows back into yours

If your not being asked lots of questions and someone is just offering three samples from old off cuts and is only offering you one line of products for example just window films or just blinds you need to question have I got the right person here?

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With a medium silver installed on to the already green tinted glass which didn’t have any heat reflecting properties gave an effective and very striking look along with stopping heat fluctuations and over heating.

Roof blinds were removed in favour of window film and the customers feedback was fantastic.