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Safety and Security

The solution: Safety and security films

How safe is your glass?

Safety And Security
The problem

We don't have to tell you that glass is dangerous. Broken glass can cause serious wounds and weak glass can give intruders easy access to your home or business.

Not all glass is resilient. It has different impact strengths and breaks in different ways. Large panels in particular can turn into doorways when smashed, not to mention creating a hazard. However, we can prevent this from happening.

The solution

Solar Guard Armorcoat films are made from thick film and use a very strong adhesive, creating a safety blanket for your glazing.
This can increase the glass strength, making it more difficult to break in the first place and holding the glass together when it does break to protect the building's occupants.

By installing this very cost-effective product, you will reduce the likelihood of death, injury, forced entry and building damage due to glass breakage, as well as reducing clean-up times. Armorcoat film is the solution to keep you safe and secure in your home or workplace.

The extra free offer

If you book a consultation or quote from us, CoolGlass can also carry out Regulation 14 glass surveys and check that your blinds are child safe and you have the required fly-screens in food-prep areas as an added extra.

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