Unusable Conservatories

Unusable Conservatories

There’s several products which claim to make new or old conservatories more usable but are you getting the most honest advice or are you being told something just to meet a sales target?

Your are not alone if your struggling use your conservatory, if you are desperate to retain your conservatory as a halfway house to frame your view and keep your view your garden even when the sun shines your talking to the right people.

CoolGlass would rather give you an honest answer and NOT make a sale than sell you something that doesn’t meet your budget or expectations; but the good news is we are solution consultants not sales people. Retaining a view out is paramount importance to us because isn't that the whole point of a conservatory after all? ..... otherwise you’d be happy sitting in your lounge room with walls.

Tired of being sold products that don’t live up to expectations?

We have products to alleviate:

  • Over heating
  • Winter Heat Loss
  • Annoying Summer & Winter Glare
  • Privacy
  • Fading
  • Skin Protection
  • Safety & Security
  • Improve Appearance
  • Glass and Polycarbonate Roofs
  • Roof & Side Glazing

One pane left in the centre showing the clarity and the glare reduction of window film.

The benefits of window films over roof blinds they can be cut to any shape without any gaps

The best source of finding out which products work or more often don’t work whether it’s the latest solar glass, blinds or air conditioning systems is listening to our customers, the read more below is our findings from nearly two decades of listening to our customers about their conservatories.

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We have a cost effective solutions to make your conservatory more usable during the summer months which can reduce up to 15°C off summer temperatures inside a south facing conservatory and this isn’t sales hype it’s our customers feedback.

"First class service! The film installed in the roof panels of a fairly large conservatory (30m²) have reduced the ambient temperature by 10° – 15°C even in these summer high temperatures. Although the film replaced roof blinds, there is now no glare and we can use the conservatory far more than had been the case. The attention to detail and standard of work undertaken by Mark and his assistant, Adam, was excellent."
Mr & Mrs Linegar, Ranskill

"Our glass coatings can retain heat even though they are primarily designed to reflect summer heat away but our customer always mention its noticeable warmer in the evenings but conservatories with older glass with out Low E coatings we can use our Films for all seasons range with an additional active Low E coating which is designed to reflect residual heat back into the room before it reaches the glass achieving a possible 41% heat loss reduction on some glass types.
After the conservatory had the films applied we can now use it when the sun shines, there has been a considerable reduction in heat and glare from the sun. The additional privacy has been welcome and brought amusement as we are finding passers by checking their hair in the windows. This winter has been one of the coldest but this is the first winter we have ever used the conservatory through the winter the glass films have definitely made it warm enough to use all year round."
Mr & Mrs Heward, Barton upon Humber

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