Winter Heat Retention

Winter Heat Retention

The environmentally friendly way of saving energy cost while being green.

Unless you have the very latest glazing systems there is a very good chance that we could improve the thermal insulation of your glass.

If your glazing is reasonably draught free and not about to fall apart then a winter heat retaining window film on single glazing or older double glazing is going to be the best route to improving things. If your glazing is not the best then secondary glazing or using some of our pleated cellular blinds or our winter lined curtains could be the better route to provide a thermal block.

Even before Low E winter heat reflecting window films were available our customer always commented on how after there window film application they felt the house, office and especially their conservatory holds on to heat better making them feel warmer. With the development of films with Low E it’s just got a whole lot better.

Solar control window films were designed to reduce the suns heat and reduce or stop buildings over heating but because of there reflectivity some already have the ability to reflect internal heat back into a room but convected heat from a radiator is a different heat to a radiant heat of the sun so a low E coating was developed to target convected heat making it much more effective at reducing winter heat loss.

New glazing has Low E coated normally on the inside of the inner pane. The advantage of using a low E window film over a low E glass is that the films low E coating is in the room and reflects the heat before it is absorbed into the glazing system making the film the better option. By using the film and upgrading your existing windows rather than discarding your old glass to the landfill site as it is deemed to be contaminated glass you are helping the environment as well as your wallet.

Using advanced Low E (Low Emmistivity) glass coatings we can achieve a massive 41% reduction of heat loss when installed to single glazing which is a significant saving in heat loss and carbon output as we’ll as creating a welcome improvement in comfort.

Frequently asked questions

1. If my glass already has low E can I fit a Low E film and improve what I have?
The answer is yes and no the two surfaces compete or counter act each other depending which surface the Low E coatings situated on the glass surfaces this can also increase thermal stresses with a pane of glass and cause the glass to crack. If your glass has the Low E coating on the inner surface of the outer pane then yes you can fit a Low E Film otherwise no. CoolGlass will test your existing glass to see where if it already has a Low E coating during our standard glazing survey.

2. Is there a film that just does winter heat reduction only?
Currently there isn’t a film that just does winter heat retention without summer heat reduction, but why wouldn’t you want to benefit from both. We currently have three Low E films a light, medium and dark and through careful consultation with each customer we can always find the best film for all seasons such as the new Ecolux window film which is class as an all seasons film. Scroll down for more information on the Ecolux film.

3. By fitting a combination solar control and Low E film will I loose solar heat gain in the winter as well as the summer?
Window films are always working thats the benefit you never meet to remember to pull them down or with them on so you can’t turn the summer part off in the winter. You will loose some of the solar heat gain from the winter sun but not all and what you gain is retained so it evens things out but you gain more after dark or when there is no sun and you have to centrally heat the room.

4. Are the warranties different with a Low E film?
No they are still 12 years for the AG Silver Low E range as its summer only film cousins but the new Ecolux film has a massive 16 year warranty. (When installed by and approved Solargard dealer)

5. Is it cost effective?
You will see a return in your investment in financially and in comfort but it does depend on several variables. For a small fee we can carry out a feasibility study by surveying your glazing and your property and with some information from you about current typical energy consumption and energy unit costs we can estimate how much energy (kWh), emissions (CO2) and cost (£) you will save and estimated determine pay back times.

Low E winter heat retaining film options

The Silver AG Low E film range from Solargard is available in two shades a light which is ideal for domestic windows and the darker shade is great for conservatory roofs and commerical applications.

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These products can be used on older double glazed units or single glazing offering an noticeable upgrade and extend the useful life rather than replacing the window systems with new which will end up creating more landfill.

Our comprehensive glass survey will determine if your glass has already got a heat retaining coating or not to establish whether you could benefit from our Low-E films. Our Low-E film has been independently tested and been proven to be carbon negative and Earth positive reducing CO2 levels 1001 more times than took to manufacture it (based on a 15 year useful lifespan).

Winter snow sitting on the roof of this conservatory which is heated show how effective a winter heat retaining window film is at reflecting central heating back into the room and not allowing it to pass through and melting the snow.

The New Ecolux film

CoolGlass is Solargard an approved Ecolux dealer, the new revolutionary Ecolux is one of the highest performing films available and one of Solargards newest products reducing winter heat loss by 41% or more on single glazing. When installed by an approved dealer it is covered by a comprehensive warranty of 16 years ensuring your investment is protected long term.

Ecolux is ideal for single glazing in conservation areas or listed buildings as it isn’t noticeable when installed. It also will control summer temperatures and protect against fading of valuable and often delicate furnishings associated with listed properties.

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