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Winter Heat Retention

If you suffer from winter heat loss through your windows, look to us

Solutions: Low-E Heat retaining films and blinds

Save lost heat. Save money.  Save the planet.

The problem

We all know the UK isn't the most tropical of islands. In winter it gets cold meaning many houses lose a lot of heat and money through their windows. This can be due to single glazing, older double glazing and the large windows that are popular today.

The solutions

If your glazing is reasonably draught-free, then a winter heat retaining window film on single glazing or older double glazing is going to be the best route to improving things. If your glazing is not the best then secondary glazing or some of our pleated cellular blinds or our winter lined curtains could be the better route to providing a thermal block.

The low-E solution

Using advanced low-E (low emissivity) window film for winter, we can achieve a massive 41% reduction in heat loss from single glazing. That is a significant saving in heat loss and carbon output, as well as a welcome improvement in comfort.

Snowy window
Thermal window film UK - Unmelted winter snow sitting on top of a heated conservatory with heat-retaining window film.
The big question

We can carry out a feasibility study to check how much money our low-e films will save you and how soon you will save enough to make them a good investment.

The Environment

Our newest window film saves 1001 times more carbon emissions on average than are given out in manufacture. So you'll be saving the planet, as well as your money.

Solve your winter heat-loss problems
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