Coloured Glass Coatings

Coloured Glass Coatings

Adding a splash of colour always makes a feature as displayed below. During our glass survey and because of the type of glass fitted using a coloured window film here could of caused the glass the thermally stress crack so we used coloured acrylic sheets adhered to the frame a distance away from the glass so not to cause expensive damage to the glass units.

Frosted vinyls are slightly thicker and can run through a vinyl plotter to create a completely bespoke cut out whether it’s your favourite flower or your house name or number. The design is only limited by your imagination and can be layered with coloured films and vinyl to create some unique effects.

For some of the colours available refer to page 52 in this brochure link

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Coloured UV Stable Acyrlic casting coloured light into this Gainsborough School

Originally clear glass this owner in the City of Lincoln wanted to add a splash of colour using coloured glass coatings

This internal door used different layers of products to achieve this look. Now this can be achieved by printing onto optically clear window film.