Decorative And Patterned Glass Coatings

Decorative, Patterned and Printed Glass Coatings

Frosted and patterned films can turn a plain window into a feature or serve a purpose such as providing privacy. We have a range of frosted and patterned films used to fill a window; available in several colours and pre-printed patterns they are a very quick way of solving a problem or creating that individual look.

With printing technology and abilities being revolutionised and improving all the time direct print to optically clear or tinted window films is now possible which means that you can solve solar control issues, glass safety and security and the window graphics in one application. Shop fronts who need anti-fade protection while providing a safety blanket against theft and storm damage and displaying their branding in full colour all in one durable product.

Plain windows can be decorated in so many ways using various techniques, if you have a window or mirror you want to add some detail to we are happy to get your inspirational aspirations on your glass.

Below are a couple of pre patterned films from our extensive range.

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City Scape Pre-patterned film

Heart beat pulse patterned film Elektro

This house in Scunthorpe wanted to add some interest and privacy to a landing window.

Direct print to clear safety film means the edge of the graphic is the edge of the window and it's optical clarity is superior to clear vinyl.