Safety And Security

How safe is your glass?

All glass in windows are all transparent but not all glass is resilient and has different impact strengths and breaks in different ways.

Solar Gard Armorcoat films are made from a thicker film and uses a stronger adhesive to create a safety blanket for your glazing.

It can increase the glass break strength making it more difficult to break in the first place but should it break it holds the glass safely together protecting building occupants.

CoolGlass can carry Regulation 14 Glass Surveys and as an added bonus because we supply and install blinds we can report if any blinds don't meet Child Safe Requirements.

During accidental or terrorist explosions where windows break and becomes airborne debris it’s the glass that accounts for the most deaths and injuries not the actual explosion itself.

By installing this very cost effective product available in clear or tinted to address solar control issues simultaneously could reduce death, injury and building damage and reduce clean up times.

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