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Solar Control

Combat glare, fade, overheating and heat-loss in one low-cost fitting

Huge 81% heat reduction

Reduce the amount of solar heat passing through your glass by up to 81%. A massive difference.

Stop your furniture fading

The sun can fade your furniture over time. Stop the damage and keep the colour with our films.

Combat glare, keep your view

If you can't see your TV, or if you have to squint in certain rooms, solar control films could be for you.

All your sun problems solved

Whether you have one sun problem or many, our expert glazing consultants have your solution.

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Cool, calm & glare-free

Do you struggle to keep your home cool in the summer months? Does glare make you squint constantly or struggle to see the TV? Solar-control window film could be the answer you are looking for.

Heat-reflecting solar window film can be applied either internally or externally to your windows. Pick the best one for you from our extensive range of shades and colours

Conservatory cooking you?

Conservatories are renowned for being sun traps in the summer, and igloos in the winter. They can make your energy bills skyrocket with central heating and air conditioning too.

Reduce the heat your conservatory absorbs in summer and save on heating bills in winter by installing window film. Our free consultations provide the perfect solution to all of your problems.

Solve glare, sunburn and more

As well as controlling heat loss and gain, solar glare window film can address privacy issues, glare from the sun, fabric fading from UV light and skin damage from the sun.

The best films for you

Be sure of a tailored, high-quality solution at CoolGlass. We specify and fit the best high-quality films for your situation, from solar glare window film and dark shades to window films that you barely notice and heat control to factor 200+ UV reduction.

We work closely with you to find the correct window film for your individual needs. With years of experience, we can help guide you to the very best solution. 

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“First class service! The film installed in the roof panels of a fairly large conservatory has reduced the ambient temperature by 10° – 15° even in these summer high temperatures. Although the film replaced roof blinds, there is now no glare and we can use the conservatory far more than had been the case. The attention to detail was great."

– Mr. and Mrs. Linegar, Ranskill

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