Solar Control

Solar Control

Heat reflecting window films are be applied to your existing glass windows internally or externally dramatically reduce the solar effects from the sun with achieving up to 81% reduction in heat passing through the glass. We have various shades and colours of films to taylor to your needs and tastes allowing natural daylight into you home, conservatory or business but controlling radiant solar energy from overheating your living or working environment.

Solar Control Window films can address:

  • summer heat gain
  • winter heat loss
  • privacy
  • glare
  • fade reduction
  • skin protection

The amount of light that they allow ranges from the very light lighter than a car windscreen at 78% to as dark as 5% which is akin to a Limousine darkness.

Remarkably thanks to modern production techniques  the lighter exterior film can achieve 40% heat reduction which is only 20% less than the darkest interior film (when both applied onto 4mm clear double glazing).

Sometimes all the above issues can be solved in one application.

Our Solutions For page help you can determine if a solar control glass coating could be your answer but our best advice is to contact us and ask we have the years of experience to help guide you to the very best solution.

We are authorised Solar Gard Amorcoat and Ecolux dealer all products made by the Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics division. We use internal and external film from a virtually invisible to very dark shades all good when specified correctly. We can offer Neutral, Silver and Bronze films.  On occasions we if the product you need isn't available from the Solar Gard range we can purchase products from other reputable manufacturers and so we can find you the correct solution rather than just leaving you wanting or making do with an unsatisfactory compromise.

We will help and guide you to find the best product for your needs.

Contact us by calling 01673 818 157 or get in touch.