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Pleated Blinds

A simple, stylish way to complement any room

Colour-matched accessories

The cords and ribbon supplied with the pleated blinds are colour-matched for a complete look.

Easy use, your way

Pleated blinds can be supplied free-hanging or tensioned with a simple handle at the bottom.

Effortless, seamless style

Complete your room with blinds that fit perfectly with contemporary styles.


The close fit of these blinds is ideal for reducing light and creating privacy.

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Effortless elegance

Pleated blinds available in standard or hollow cellular fabrics can be chord-operated or tensioned. 

The cords and ribbon can be colour-matched for effortless elegance. 

Pleated Blinds | CoolGlass Glazing Enhancements
glass door and window with orange blinds

Neat and versatile

We can offer standard, free-hanging or tensioned blinds, which can be simply lowered and raised by the bottom. This system is very neat and versatile and easy to use providing you can reach the full height of the window.

EaziPleat System

The new EaziPleat system lets you raise and lower your blind by moving the bottom and stopping where you like without any operating chain or cords. 

Pleated blinds are very close fitting when fitted into the window frame recess ideal if you are looking to reduce light bleed and create a blacked out environment.

glass door open to garden

Options for all situations

Pick a design that fits your needs. Choose top-down or bottom-up operation. Floating blinds for skylights with one piece of fabric and a hem bar at the top and bottom can block out the the centre of the window leaving clear views above and below.  

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“An excellent product which transformed the use of the room – I was able to remove the extensive vertical blinds which cut down light and gathered dust.”

Mr Betts – Messingham

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