Working Environmentally

We are committed to caring for the environment.

Our commitments

Care for the environment is at the heart of what we do. Working environmentally is important to us, so we focus on sustainability.

Eco-friendly premises
An environmentally friendly fleet
An eye on what we throw away
Investing in upcycling
Cleaning up the industry
All ideas welcome

We work in an environmentally friendly way wherever we can. After all, our business is built around a very environmentally positive product. 

Eco-friendly premises

On the subject of building, our storage premises are extremely eco-friendly having been upgraded with:

Rainwater harvesting
Solar panels
LED lighting with occupancy management
Increased loft insulation
We also have an “equipment off when not in use” policy.

An environmentally friendly fleet

We believe natural resources are ours to look after, not to waste. That’s why we keep the environmental footprint of our fleet minimal. It is made up of fuel-efficient, modern vehicles using smart routing to reduce mileage and emissions.

We use smaller vehicles where possible.

Our new van was chosen in part for its high emissions rating and efficiency.

By using premium fuel with higher octane ratings and detergents, we keep our engines as clean and efficient as possible.

The use of nitrogen-filled summer and winter tyres in the correct seasons increases longevity, and fuel-efficiency.

An eye on what we throw away

Minimising what we throw away maximises the health of our world.

Reusing or recycling of all paper and cardboard packaging.

Old film tubes and end caps used as fence planters.

Smart pre-cutting of window films to use more of the product.

Washable and reusable cloths used where possible rather than disposable paper towels.

We use waste protective film liners to create refuse sacks, rather than using bin bags on smaller jobs.

Invested in upcycling

What is better than recycling? 

Upcycling! We have found several local organisations who make use of most of our used packaging materials.

Rigid storage tubes and long blind boxes now go to a local plastics business who use them to reinforce long, thin extrusions for mail orders instead of cutting fresh plastic.

Bubble wrap and old fabric books go to a local embroidery business which uses them for mail order wrapping and tester pieces.

Window film boxes go to a local hobbyist and CoolGlass customer who refurbishes golf clubs and sells them online using our boxes as postal packaging.

Cleaning up the industry

We use eco-detergents for washing installations, cloths and towels.

We also try to encourage customers to upgrade their existing windows if it’s economical to do so, rather than renewing and condemning them to landfill.

All ideas welcome

CoolGlass are always looking for ways to minimise waste and reduce energy. We welcome any help you can give, so please get in touch if you have any ideas.

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