Conservatory roof

Unusable Conservatories

Conservatories are great, but they can be too hot, uncomfortable and even unsafe.

The Problem

You are not alone if your conservatory is uncomfortable or difficult to use. These structures are wonderful, but can suffer from overheating in summer, heat loss in winter, glare, UV damage to skin, fading problems and a lack of privacy.

The Solution
We can solve all the above problems and more while keeping your conservatory's view and style intact.

There are a huge range of solutions running from louvres and blinds to coatings. Our experts will pick and specify the ideal solution to your individual problem(s). During our consultations, we analyse your problems in-depth and specify the best solution for you. 

The perfect balance
We can reduce glare by up to 95% and temperatures by up to 15°C to turn your conservatory from an uncomfortable oven into a delightful space with the same views to enjoy.


Here you can see the reduction needed to make a conservatory roof glare free. We can reduce glare by a massive 95%.



New solid roof garden room was too hot to use in summer even with opening roof lites but the external glass coatings on the side windows made it the space the customer wanted it to always be.



An example of our window film being fitted to a nearly new conservatory roof and gable with Active Blue solar control glass to increase heat , glare and UV reductions. If you want to use the space without glare this is the level you need to take it to.

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