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Gables | Shaped Blinds for Gable Ends

A popular design feature but requires forethought at design stage.

Solutions: Retain the clean lines of this architectural feature
We have solutions to fit your budget and looks great.

Do you find yourself thinking...

I have all this glass, but none of it opens; the room is like a sauna.

Privacy during the day
People can see me walking from the bathroom in a towel from the street.

I'm being woken up at 4 am
The summer sunrise means we are being woken up too early. I long to get a full night's sleep. I am exhausted.

Dressing the window
I spent a fortune on this as a stand out feature. I'm not cluttering it with "stuff" hanging in the view.

Gable end

I'm being blinded by the sun when I'm watching TV.

Privacy at night
If I have to go to the loo at night, I can’t turn a light on.

Shaped window

Bedroom Gables
The summer months mean long days with light mornings and evenings, but for people who need a dark room, such as newborns, this means sleepless nights for them and you. Finding a solution that fits your budget and still looks good can be challenging without our guidance.

Modern home

Privacy, Heat and Kerb Appeal
A common trend in house design of late is the lack of opening windows.

Both these homes only had one small window to the side of the gable windows that allowed air into the room. With only one window opening, you can’t achieve a cross-flow of air unless you leave an internal door open. That’s not always possible if you have guests staying and young children. Things could get embarrassing.

The recommendation in this situation was to stop so much heat from entering the room in the first place. We essentially put a band-aid on bad design. Our glass coatings made the rooms not only comfortable but private and gave uniformity to both homes.

Gable end

Gables in work areas
No views were harmed in finding a solution to this problem.
Privacy when bathing is essential, but before these glass coatings were fitted on the windows, you could wave at passing cars while sat in the roll-top bath. Now with modesty resumed, temperature-controlled and view like that, all anyone needs is a bottle of bubbly for your bath and to enjoy that specular view.

Shaped window

Holiday cottage room with a view
No views were harmed in finding a solution to this problem.

Privacy when bathing is normally a given but before the glass coatings were fitted you could wave at passing cars while sat in the roll top bath. Now with modesty resumed, temperature controlled and view like that all that one needs is a bottle of bubbly for your bubble bath to enjoy that specular view.



When is the best time to talk about my gable?
The simple answer is that at the planning stage. Talk to us so we can speak with your home designer to prevent poor design decisions and save you a fortune later.

I have an existing gable will I have to compromise on things?
Unfortunately, unless you’re prepared to strip back the walls and/or change the glass, you might have to live with visible. solutions, but we do our best to find a balance, and we are open and honest about your options.

We have no money left after buying the house what can you do for us?
“Nobody told us that shaped blinds cost so much, we didn’t budget for this.” Unfortunately, we hear this too often. We do have solutions, but often it will mean you will lose natural light or have blinds hanging in the window all the time. Again speak to us at the planning stage if possible.

If I have glass coatings are they fitted inside or out?
It depends on the issues you’re trying to address, the film fitted, and the glass it’s going on; don’t worry, we will fully explain all options available to you.

Do shaped blinds have to be motorised?
If you were using shaped Venetians, verticals or pleated no, these can be hand-operated. It’s usually tensioned shaped rollers which must be mains powered motorised due to the high tension the special fabric is under.

Can I have blinds which come out of the plaster work to keep the look clean?
Yes, but it needs to be at the planning stage because it can determine where the final plasterwork will sit for the entire room, so structural alterations and provisions for cavities need to be designed. You need to decide what type of window dressings you want before you go to an architect, then reverse engineer while consulting with us throughout to determine clearances and logistics.

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Gable solutions

We have several products which can bring your home back into balance while retaining the clean lines of this architectural feature.