Window with sun glare

Glare Reduction

Glare reduction can vastly improve a difficult workplace or awkward living space

The Problem
Excess glare from the sun can be annoying, painful and distracting. It can make you and those around you uncomfortable at home and unproductive at work. It can also damage your eyes and brain.

The Solution
The main solutions to glare are various window films and blinds. Our experts will pick and specify the ideal solution to your individual problem. They analyse how much glare you are suffering from, and when in the day you are receiving it, among other things to find your ideal fix.

Whatever your situation, we have a solution for you.

The perfect balance
Summer sunlight requires a 50% – 95% reduction to achieve comfort. But a low winter sun requires a minimum of 95% light reduction to be effective. During our survey, we can help you find the level you need to keep a room usable all year round while retaining good light levels.

Glass roof with window film

Here, you can see the reduction needed to make a conservatory roof glare-free. We can reduce glare by a massive 95% using our darkest of films.

The workplace problem
Preventing glare is part of an employer's responsibility under Workplace Health Safety and Welfare Regulations 1992 for providing a comfortable working environment. The tinted windows in offices can often be insufficient to do this fully. Here, window films can be an inexpensive and effective solution.

Glare through window

If you can see the Sun's crescent you need to remove 95% or more light to alleviate the glare FACT. Anything less and you will still need to shield your eyes. Did you miss the person sitting at the table? Literally blinded by the sun you can't see them.

Commercial installation

Our screen fabrics take that +95% of light away to address a low or reflected sun but only when you need it, and while retaining the view. To use a window film in these situations is wrong and that's where we guide you.

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