INTU Blinds

Timeless sophistication meets modern functionality.

  • Hammer

    Tidy design

    Complete with a bead-fit system, which removes the need for unsightly screws and holes in your walls.

  • Gem

    Style and sophistication

    Bring timeless sophistication to your home with these beautiful blinds.

  • Closed door

    Complete privacy

    The Venetian privacy option has an increased number of slats to offer more privacy.

  • Star

    Easy to operate

    With a slotted bottom bar, INTU blinds with operating rods are ideal in hard-to-reach areas.

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Window blinds

Stylish and functional

These highly attractive blinds fit to your windows quickly, tidily and, in most situations, without screws or damage to your windows. INTU blinds are available in a range of attractive metalic and polished plain colours to match and compliment your rooms. 

Window blinds

Tidy fit - Easy use

Ideal for glazed doors, conservatories and tilt-and-turn windows, thanks to the screwless bead-fit system. The unique tension system prevents the blind from clattering against the glazing when the window or door is opened and closed. To operate these blinds you simply move the bottom rail to the desired height, giving a clean look without the need for hanging chains or cords.

Blinds half drawn on window

Privacy and convenience

The INTU Venetian privacy option has been designed for better aesthetics and complete privacy when the blinds are closed.

Thanks to their close fit, there’s no banging against opening doors and no squeezing your hand through blinds to open windows, whether you choose regular or privacy blinds.

Vase of flowers with blinds in background

Beautiful choices to match your home

Choose from a range of burnished metalic blinds as well as attractive plain colours to match and compliment your room. Choices include – Gunmetal, silver, anthracite white and brown, depending on blind-type.

Get a bespoke design and price

Request a quote for your INTU blinds at your convenience.

“An excellent product which transformed the use of the room – I was able to remove the extensive vertical blinds which cut down light and gathered dust.”

Mr. Betts, Messingham