About CoolGlass

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Problems we solve

We are specialists in solving environmental issues caused by windows in homes and workplaces around the UK.

Summer & winter overheating
Winter heat loss
Summer & winter glare
UV skin damage
Furniture fading
Safety and security

The best solution for you, not us

We offer a wide variety of excellent product lines. We can suggest the best for you with honesty and expertise. All of the products we specify and install are approved by our experts as the most cost-effective solutions possible for your problems.

Customer Focused

We are bound and constantly scored on value, quality and customer care, giving you peace of mind. With 20 years experience in the industry with thousands of happy customers our focus is to deliver a service and solution that works. We have a saying "we do what is right for you, not what's easiest for us"


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Meet our Founder

Mark Bletcher started his career in the motor trade as a Ford then later BMW automotive technician. Having a practical and problem solving skill set Mark left the motor trade and trained in automotive and architectural window films installation and has been supplying and installing them since 2004.  He initially cut his teeth providing tinted windows for local car dealers, but very quickly developed a passion and used his expertise for architectural solutions where CoolGlass now offers multiple solutions.

Installing window film

Mark Bletcher, Owner and Founder

He then gained experience in Australia, where window films are almost as commonplace as windows themselves, applying them to large glass areas and facades that often caused homes and businesses to overheat.

Mark, who still installs on a lot of our projects, founded CoolGlass to offer customers a huge range of solutions. These include heat reduction, heat retention, glare reduction, skin protection, privacy and security across a broad spectrum of products.

"By offering more than just window film or blinds, we are better placed than other businesses to find you the right solution. With extensive experience in all our product ranges, we know the benefits and limitations of each."

Mark Bletcher, Owner

How we help you

If your glazing makes you too hot in summer, lose heat in winter, causes glare or sunburn, threatens your security or privacy, the we’re here to help.  We have a range of methods to solve these problems so we can find the ideal solution for you.

With extensive experience and knowledge of products and installation techniques, CoolGlass offer the very best solutions on offer by trusted manufacturers and suppliers. We approve all of our products before fitting them, so we have the upmost confidence in them and the service we deliver. 

  • Temperature

    Maintain the right temperature

    We stock a huge range of films, blinds and other solutions for heat retention, protection, reflection and dispersal.

  • User secret

    Drapery for privacy and style

    We provide many types of domestic and commercial blinds and curtains for all purposes and styles.

  • Lock

    Safety and security

    Our safety and security window films are the safest, most powerful and highest quality available.

  • Wine glass

    Comfortable Environment

    You will be able to use the space as intended with confidence that our well placed products will deliver.

Solving your problems

We’re here to solve your environmental problems, not sell you a product. We’ll recommend the best solution for you, whether that be from our wide range of products, or from elsewhere.