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Ultraviolet radiation can damage your skin severely, even when indoors

If you, your family or employees spend a long time near windows, they need to be solar-protected.

The (serious) problem
The human cost of solar UV radiation through windows is starting to become apparent. People who spend considerable time near windows - for example in conservatories - are developing serious skin conditions like cancers caused by the sun. People should be wearing skin protection or fitting a window film when spending extended periods near a sunlit window.

The (serious) solution
Some of our window films have a sun protection factor (SPF) of 285+. That's more than five times as high as the highest factor suncream available. They have been prescribed to patients with intolerance to sunlight.

Solar-control window films reduce the harmful effects of sunlight if you suffer from photosensitive conditions. If you suffer from a skin condition ask your medical specialist if a window film could help you.

The (less serious) bonus
Sun protection means protection from premature skin aging from the sun. So, fitting a window film could also help keep you looking younger for longer too!

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