Our Values

A little on what CoolGlass really cares about.

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Honesty and Trust

Trust is a valuable thing that we always seek to earn and keep. We talk straight, price fairly and always give an honest opinion of what is needed.

What's right for the customer

Our job is making your working or living environment as comfortable as possible. We focus on solving your problems in the best way for you, not selling whatever we can to make money. With a wide range of products and experience, we always specify the best solution.

Environmental Awareness

The environment is incredibly important and we must protect it. Our products and services are environmentally friendly and so are we. Find out more on our Working Environmentally page.


We talk straight with customers and suppliers. For clients, that means letting you know your exact problem, what you need and what it will cost, with no pointless upselling or time-wasting. For suppliers, that means we only accept the best and reject everything else.


As a family-run business in the heart of Lincolnshire, we support our community wherever possible. That includes local businesses, community organisations and charities.

"We've always said we'll do what's right for the customer, not what's easiest for us, even if it's to our cost. So we put a lot of thought into getting the right outcome - Making the customer comfortable in their home or at work."

Mark, CoolGlass Founder