Faded carpet

Fade Reduction

Fading Furniture and Possessions

Stop sunlight fading your prized possessions

Faded wood flooring

The solution: Window films
Carpets, furniture and pictures can be priceless to us. Stop them being damaged by natural light and heat.

Window films offer maximum protection whilst being virtually invisible. They can make fade a thing of the past without changing the appearance of your home.

The benefit
The obvious benefit of a window film over a traditional window covering is that it protects 24/7 without obstructing light. That means you never have to return early from that day out to close the blinds and you retain a view of the outside through your windows, even on the sunniest of days.

The advantage over other solutions
Window films cover 100% of the glazing, stopping all damage unlike other solutions. For example, blinds can cause “tan lines” on surfaces. One customer ended up with striped carpets after vertical blinds bled light through the gaps between vanes.

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