Home with bifold doors

Bi-fold Blues

Open plan home with bi-fold doors overheating

Major overheating due to a large insulated glass facade. There were also frontal privacy issues.

Solar heat-reduction film was fitted to the rear and reflective covering to the front windows.

A 10-11 degree reduction in comparable temperatures, privacy, an attractive home and a happy client.

Customer Issues

  • Overheating
  • Sun damage to furnishings
  • Uniformity to glazing
  • Kerb appeal
  • Lack of opening windows
  • Privacy for kids' bedrooms

Modern insulation and lots of glass meant that this customer had an unbearably hot home. The absence of small opening windows on the ground floor meant a bi-fold door had to be left open to ventilate, which wasn’t ideal for security.

The owner, a major airline captain, looked at many options such as awnings and air conditioning. After careful research, he decided solar control glass coatings were going to be the best option and turned to us for advice.

CoolGlass Solution

Modern insulation and lots of glass meant that the house was overheating considerably.

Increased privacy, fade reduction and and kerb appeal were also needed on the front.

Two-film solution
Two of our high-grade Solar Gard films made the home cooler and more private

We approached this in two halves. We specified an external Solar Gard Silver 35 (medium) for a 64% reduction in solar heat gain for the hot south-facing rear of the home. For the front of the property, an internal Solar Gard Silver 50 (light) film was used to give increased privacy, fade reduction and kerb appeal to the home.

Immediate Results

There has been an instant temperature difference throughout the home, increased privacy and increased sun damage protection have made this home usable with zero running and maintenance costs. The customer also loved the look of the home and felt reassured that their children couldn’t be seen from the road.

  • A ten-degree comparable temperature drop
  • Privacy and kerb appeal for children's bedroom.

"Mark was extremely professional in his appraisal of our needs, and did not just try to sell us the most expensive product, but the one most suitable to our individual requirements.

The quote was competitive, and the standard of fitting was excellent, with Mark and his colleague being pedantic in ensuring each window was perfect before completion. The difference it has made to the internal temperature of our modern house is astonishing. Being south facing at the rear, the internal temperature in the open-plan living area was reaching 33-34 degrees on a 28-degree day before the film was fitted. On the first comparable day after fitting, we saw a highest internal temperature of 23 degrees. This has made a dramatic improvement to our house, and at a fraction of the cost of the other alternative we investigated.

I would not hesitate in recommending Mark and CoolGlass if you are looking at trying to reduce glare/temperature/fading and increase privacy in your home."
– Ben


Rear: Solar Gard Sentinel Plus Silver 35 OSW (outside weatherable)
Front: Solar Gard Silver 50

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