Glass roof

East Facing Conservatory

A Kerbside Conservatory With Problems

Desperate to use a conservatory with so many problems

Conservatory too bright with serious privacy issues and fading furniture. Too hot in summer and too cold in winter.

Silver film to reflect external heat and light as well as retaining internal heat and maintaining privacy.

"We can now use our conservatory when the sub shines ... (it's) warm enough to use all year round."

Customer Issues

  • Summer overheating
  • Cold in winter
  • No privacy
  • Furniture fading
  • Glare

Vision & privacy together

The conservatory was too hot to use when the sun was shining. When in full sun, it was too bright, making it impossible to read a book without sunglasses and soft furnishings were prematurely fading.

There were also privacy issues as the conservatory was directly next to a public footpath and road. The conservatory was too cold in the winter months and proved costly to heat.

CoolGlass Solution

Glare and Fading
Our strongest multi-functional films combined to solve all problems at once, offering glare reduction and ...

... a warm reflective look on the outside, stopping people on the kerb a few feet away from seeing in.

Low-emmitance film was applied to stop heat being emmited and lost through the conservatory roof.


For the roof, a low E film designed to reflect residual heat back into the room.

On the windows, the Silver AG 25 Low E is our darkest winter heat retaining film as well as offering 56% heat reduction and reducing winter heat loss by 19%.

To increase privacy, the neutral Sterling 40 provided a warm look for the side windows and gave 42% heat reduction and 53% glare reduction.

Immediate Results
Installation was completed within one day and the benefits were immediate.

  • Conservatory is useable when the sun shines
  • Comfortable throughout the year
  • Reflective windows create privacy without blocking view

"We can now use our conservatory when the sun shines! There has been a considerable reduction in heat and glare from the sun. The additional privacy has been welcome and brought amusement as we are finding passers by checking their hair in the windows. This winter has been one of the coldest but this is the first winter we have ever used the conservatory. The glass films have definitely made it warm enough to use all year round."

– Mr and Mrs Heward, Barton-upon-Humber

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