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Heat Reflecting Blinds

What are heat reflecting blinds?

Heat reflecting blinds allow you to keep rooms in your home from overheating in sunny weather. In this post, we will define what heat reflecting blinds are, how they work and give examples of how they can be used to keep your home cool in the summer.

Heat reflecting blinds look similar to regular roller blinds, but they have a highly reflective silver exterior to reflect the sun’s rays and reduce the amount of heat entering through the window. Also known as solar blinds, heat reflecting blinds offer different levels of transparency and UV ray and heat protection depending on the fabric and materials used.

How do heat reflecting blinds work?

Solar blinds reflect large amounts of the sun’s infrared rays back into the outside environment and away from entering your home with their reflective silver exterior surface. This reduces the amount of heat from the sun that enters your room and keeps your room cooler during the hot summer months.

For a more detailed explanation, watch this video from to learn about solar irradiance and the impact it can have on our homes.

How can heat reflecting blinds help keep your home comfortable?

You may now be wondering if certain rooms in your home could benefit from heat reflecting or solar blinds. UK summers can be unbearably hot. If unwanted heat from the sun makes your home uncomfortable, heat reflecting blinds could be the solution you have been looking for. Heat reflecting blinds can benefit your home environment and provide valuable savings year after year.

  • Reduce energy costs of keeping your house cool
  • Retain views by offering transparency even when blinds are down
  • Maintain clean design lines and are available in many styles
  • Flexible to allow heat intake in cooler months
  • Can be motorised with heat or light sensors making them fully autonomous
  • Easy DIY fit just like any other made to measure blind

Solar blinds  Solar blinds

Examples of heat reflecting blinds installed for CoolGlass customers

Tips and reminders for choosing and using heat reflecting blinds

  • Keep the blinds down during the day to block direct sunlight. Lift the blinds when the sun has set and open windows for increased air circulation
  • If you value your view, choose a solar blind with some transparency
  • Works in conjunction with UV blocking glass coatings and existing window treatments

Heat reflective blinds are one of the most effective solar solutions to keep your home comfortable. They look great and can save you money on energy costs.

Book a consultation with us, and we’ll help you find the right solution for your home or shop for made-to-measure solar blinds online with CoolGlass.

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