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Melting Chocolate

Melting Chocolate in Winter!!

Petrol station chocolates are melting while the cashier is being blinded.

Low winter sun is melting chocolates, blinding staff and making the shop uncomfortably hot.

A light, powerful window film cuts heat transmission and a foil roller blind blocks out 95%+ of visible light.

The chocolate stays cool and the cashier doesn't face glare, but can still see out and lift the blind to be seen.

Customer Issues

After a remodel at this petrol station, low winter sun meant staff were dashing about wasting time covering up or moving the chocolates to stop them from melting meaning. The customers couldn’t purchase them, the chiller units were working overly hard and putting strain on the compressors, prematurely wearing them out and costing a lot more to run. Meanwhile, the Cashier staff were being blinded and see to read till screens, car registrations or the forecourt in general.

The shop and all its contents must be clearly visible to entice people in so no dark or reflective films.

  • Blinding winter sun
  • Cashier must see out
  • Too hot for comfort
  • Heat melting chocolate
  • Glare making work hard
  • Customers must see in

CoolGlass Solution

Winter sun
A dark foil roller blind blocks out 95%+ of visible light but you can still see through and raise it.

A light but powerful widow film reduces solar heat gain by approximately 40%

The heat films allow customers to see in and the blind lets the cashier see out without glare and can be raised.


Solar Gard LX70 Window Film on all windows and Solar Screen Foil Anti-Glare roller blind in cobalt for cashier window.

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Immediate Results

The chocolate and the cashier are no longer melting and the staff are not wasting time moving things as the sun moves. The shop is more comfortable for everyone including visiting customers and the fridges and air conditioning are working under a lot less strain. This will extend the life of all their critical but serviceable components , reduce energy and cut the businesses CO2 output considerably.

The petrol station has a flexible solution to the low winter sun, addressing eye strain and headaches and any previous issues with the till making cashiers a lot happier doing the “till shift”.

The owner said “even with the product being initially on the expensive side there will be payback very quickly for sure and it will last for decades all being well.”

With a 16 year warranty on the film, this is completely feasible making it a very smart purchase.

  • Customers can see in and cashier can see out
  • No glare, making cashier's job easier
  • Cooler chocolate, fridges, staff and customers

“The window film is working well and we do not have melting chocolate anymore, so it has done the job, thanks for this.”

– The Laurels Service Station, Horncastle

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