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3 effective ways to prevent heat loss through your windows (without replacing them)

Given the energy crisis everyone is facing in the UK this winter, finding new ways to retain the heat in your home is more important than ever.

In typical houses, windows can account for around 10% of the total overall heat lost. Replacing windows that are generally in good working order is not a practical option for most homeowners. However, there are steps you can take to make your existing windows more heat efficient.

Taking preventative action now will not only help you spend less on your energy bills but will help you stay more warm and comfortable as the winter weather approaches. This post will cover the top 3 ways to prevent heat loss through windows without replacing them.

Thermal window film

If your window glazing is draught-free, then a winter heat-retaining window film on single glazing or older double glazing is your best option to improve heat retention in your home.


Thermal window film such as Ecolux is a thin layer of durable polyester applied to your windows to better control the heat transferring through the glass. The transparent film is professionally applied directly to the window without obscuring your view. During winter, heat is reflected back into the room, requiring less heat to maintain a comfortable environment and save energy.

Using an advanced low emissivity window film for winter, you can achieve a massive 41% reduction in heat loss from single glazing. That is a significant saving in heat loss and carbon output, as well as a welcome improvement in comfort.

The benefits of thermal window film extend beyond winter, as the film also works to reject solar heat from entering the window in summer and reduces cooling costs.

Pleated cellular blinds

Pleated cellular blinds alone offer some insulation properties, but you can go a step further with the addition of a thermal lining. This additional layer traps air and creates a barrier between your warm room and the cold window to keep the heat in.

Window blinds

Pleated blinds are available in standard or hollow cellular fabrics that can be chord-operated or tensioned and colour-matched for effortless elegance.

Pleated blinds are also very close-fitting when fitted into the window frame recess, which is ideal for reducing light bleed and creating a blacked-out environment.

Winter lined curtains

Thermal insulated curtains can also provide an effective thermal block, and they are aesthetically pleasing. Winter-lined curtains are made of thick, heavy materials such as cotton or polyester and work to prevent warm air from entering or escaping through your window.

Window with blinds and curtains

Get the exact effect you want with a wide variety of pencil pleat, eyelet, wave, double and triple pinch pleat curtains available in a comprehensive range of fabrics. You can complete the look with your choice of curtain poles and linings.

Of course, you can maximise your energy savings by using thermal window film, blinds and curtains in tandem. Combining your options will not only help you retain heat through your windows, but it will provide you with a stylish mix of choices to keep you warm, keep your home looking beautiful and save you money on your energy bills.

Our expert fitters can advise you on the heat retention options best suited to your windows, your home and your lifestyle. Book a free, no-obligation consultation to find the best solution for your home.

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