Conservatory roof

South Facing Conservatory

Tent or Conservatory?


A customer suffering from heat and glare tried and failed to fight back with blinds and AC.

We removed the roof blinds, filling in the holes, and installed solar window control film.

Customer happy to remove roof blinds and not worry about glare or heat with a 10-15° reduction on sunny days.

Customer Issues

The conservatory was too hot for them and their pet dog to use, despite the glazing being tinted, solar-reflecting glass. Air conditioning was expensive to run and didn’t cool sufficiently.

Insects and dust were getting stuck behind the roof blinds, including wasps and bees, they were difficult to operate, and glare from gaps in them was irritating. The blinds also obstructed garden and sky views.

  • Overheating
  • Blinds obstructing views
  • Glare
  • Expensive, ineffective AC
  • Useless, messy roof blinds
  • Awkward to use

CoolGlass Solution

Roof blinds
The decision after our consultation was to remove and discard the roof blinds, filling in the drill holes from the blinds as we went along.

Glare and heat
We installed a solar control window film to the roof.


Solar Gard Silver 20

Solar Gard logo

Immediate Results

The customer mentioned that as their blinds cost over £13,000, they were a little hesitant to throw them away. But as soon as the installation of the window films started and they saw and felt the instant difference, they were happy for them to go to the skip.

No gaps or small messy fill in blinds or glare from the light fabrics, which when all the window blinds were closed resembled being inside a tent.

CoolGlass installation for the roof film was less than £3000 and ambient temperature was reduced by 10°- 15°C

  • Beautiful views kept at a fraction of the price of the blinds
  • No glare and no gaps between roof blinds
  • 10°- 15°C heat reduction in sunlight

“The window film allowed us to see the sky, the tree tops, birds and planes landing at the nearby airport. The air conditioning can now cope and will keep the temperature down, so the space is now much more usable. First class service! There is no glare and we can now use the conservatory. The attention to detail and standard of work undertaken by Mark and his assistant, Adam, was excellent.”

– Mr. and Mrs. Linegar, Ranskill
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