House exterior

Unbearable Heat

Medical Conditions & Unbearable Heat

Even air conditioning couldn't cope with the unbearable heat in this new-build

A powerful, medium-shaded solar control glass coating to reflect heat and cool the house.

A home that could be enjoyed whether or not the sun was shining with a marked reduction in heat.

Customer Issues

  • Dangerous overheating
  • Heat causing bad health
  • Expensive air conditioning
  • Blinds obstructing view

The customer was suffering from extreme heat discomfort, which was worsening their medical conditions, making a rapid change critical.

They had only recently bought the new-build bungalow and had spent some time landscaping and tending to the walled garden. They couldn’t enjoy it or watch the birds at the feeders though because they had the blinds permanently closed to try and combat the heat. They purchased air conditioning, but this wasn’t powerful enough to make the difference they needed. The energy consumption of the electric AC unit was eye-watering.

They wanted to enjoy their retirement in their new home, be comfortable and look at their garden and watch the wildlife.

CoolGlass Solution

A powerful, medium-shaded solar control glass coating keeps solar heat out of the house

Health risk
After some discussion and sampling, the customer was guided to the best product for their needs.

The customer can now keep their blinds open and enjoy the view on sunny days.


Solar Gard Sterling 40 on all windows

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Immediate Results

A home that could be enjoyed even when the sun was shining. The customer immediately felt the difference and ordered more work before we had returned to base. They loved the look of the product, the extra privacy and the ability to see the garden and watch the birds.

Now they could decide when they got up rather than the internal temperatures dictating rise and shine times.

The customer will continue to see a marked reduction in internal temperatures and reductions in energy consumption and bills.

  • Significantly reduced daytime temperature
  • Better health and lifestyle
  • Able to open blinds and see gardens all the time

“Earlier in the year, I was fishing around the internet looking for something in the solar heat deflection department as the rear rooms get really hot in the afternoons. I was put onto CoolGlass. So I phoned and spoke to Mark who was very helpful, explaining all about it to me. I said it sounded good but I’d think about it. About three months later the weather turned hot so we got Mark to come round and give us a quote and tell us all about it again, said OK and arranged a date for installation. This was done with no problems and no mess (you could not tell that anyone has been in and done anything).

Mark had only been gone about one hour and we were sitting in the lounge when my wife said, “I’m sitting with my feet in the sun and they're not getting hot” So I said, "Shall I get him to come back and do the front" I think we hold the record for the fastest second order Mark has ever had. So the front was done. We have now had the films fitted for two months and since then we have found that the house is cooler overall and the slight tint is not too heavy.

The other added bonus is that the portable air conditioner in the kitchen used to struggle on sunny afternoons to reduce the temperature, but now turn it on and the temperature drops. So all-in-all it makes quite a bit of difference to our lives. The other added bonus is that if you like watching birdies in the garden, due to the reflective nature of the film they cannot see you move around and don’t fly away. So it’s a big thank you to Mark and all his knowledge and experience for this and we would not think twice in recommending or using him again (if we had any more windows). And it’s certainly worth getting one of his magic e-cloths for cleaning windows to a streak free finish because it really works.”
– Mr. and Mrs. Farr, Market Rasen
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